Tuesday, 7 September 2010

What makes you happy?

I was thinking about this on the way home because of something which had happened today at work and it had really made my day, nothing other people would raise a fanfare for but to me it was the most wonderful thing.............one of my mum's giggled! Yep she giggled. For me it was the most beautiful sound in the world because to be frank she really hasnt had alot to giggle about but something happened today which made her giggle and I felt amazing.

So it got me thinking what is making me happy at the moment, so here is a short list, but not exclusive:
  • doing Shimelle's class LSNED. I love doing this every year and although I havent blogged yet I am keeping up-to-date with the pages,
  • going to my friend's son's Royal Marine Passing out parade on Friday, I am so excited I could squeal and probably will on the day to see him all grown up in his posh unifrom
  • being mentally well and the happiest I've been in ages. Loving my new job and the challenges it brings
  • making new friends and seeing old ones
  • going clubbing again this Saturday I hope on a boat ;-))
  • my new toy..................................

and my new Tim Holtz dies which are coming in handy for the new class.......................

I've only got the little heart, wings and crown of the little dies but it's a start.
  • talking to my friend Luke every day on the phone, if we dont talk it feels like I'm missing a part of myself and that kind of friendship doesnt happen very often
  • fluffly baby animals etc..................awwwww!!!
  • making friends in blogland each time I come on..................thanx for coming over and making me happy cos over 4000 peeps have visited my blog.................whoopee
  • and finally, annual leave booked for October when I will going away to see a lovely friend, more on that nearer the time.........................it'll be great.

So what has made you happy today/thisweek/month/year? Go on give it a try, you might be surprised by the results.


  1. Just swinging by to say thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog. It's awesome to know that people are reading. We had a gorgeous wedding day and there are more photos to come *promise*

    p.s. looking down at my wedding ring has made me happy today

    Laura x

  2. You chose the right day for me to post this,Jo..... because having a new grandaughter this morning has made me very,very happy today.

  3. What a lovely, positive post, Jo :-)

    Today, being featured on Shimelle's prompt made me very happy indeed! And so did having a much-needed haircut :-) The biggest thing though is that through doing the LSNED class and trying to notice *everything* about each day, I've become so aware of how lovely people are :-)

  4. Walking through the park with The Four Year Old this morning and she kept wanting to hold my hand .... the feel of her gentle soft hand in mine was magical. There is a lot of good in every day Jo - thanks for the reminder :-)

  5. Wonderful happy post :) Your good mood is infectious!

    New friends coming to visit, that makes me happy..

  6. Well, I'm so happy to hear about your positive mood, Jo! I was looking out for your latest post, as I like to see how things are in Jo-Jo's World.. Recently Happy seems to be the general rule, which is wonderful. I hope your life continues to grow better and better!

    As far as it goes for me, I have been so busy recently and very tired. But I have found that noticing the little things keeps me positive - and appreciating what my friends do and say to help me makes me very happy.

  7. so pleased you are in such good spirits, i have had a lovely happy 3 days with my lovely friend, some serious amounts of knitting went out lots of laughs, lots of films, shes just left and im feeling a bit lost. x


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