Saturday, 16 October 2010

Welcome home, welcome, come on in and close the door,'ve been gone too long, come on in, your home once more,................

Yes too long have I strayed from blogland in hiding and despair, quite literally. I had lost my blog mojo and wondered if it would ever return, but thankfully here it is back with a vengeance and ready to do posting from now on in. So have u missed me? Loaded question I know but hey worth the asking just so you can laugh and say Nah been too busy, or Have you really been away I hadnt really noticed.
Well anyway here I am and I thought I'd do a resumee of what the last month has held, well maybe not the whole month but some of it.
  • I have completed my LSNED minibook and I am really pleased with how it turned out. I didnt really take any photos to go into it but concentrated on the pages and the journalling. Some days I wrote loads and others not so much. It was lovely to see everyone elses LOs though and there are some beautieis around on the blogosphere.
  • I have signed up for the new Shimelle class, True Stories. It is a completely NEW class and lasts for 3 weeks. There will be more of a concentration on journalling and it only costs £10.00 or $15.00 if ur in the US/Oz etc. I love Shimelle's classes as you know and to do a brand spanking new one is a bonus. I went on the forum last night to put up my welcome page and it's like a Shimelle stalkers society reunion with so many of us having done her classes before, defo a positive vibe about this class.

  • I had triple or quadruple excited about Scrap-a-mia 2011. Remember I went off for a weekend in May to Hampshire for scrapbooking with a variety of fab teachers including Kirsty Wiseman, Cleo Jarvis and someone called Shimelle Laine? Well the girls from Creative Moments have done it again and are organising not only the weekend in Hampshire again but ALSO a weekend in London in April with the fabulous Donna Downey, I love her classes and blog she's fab. Anyway on their facebook page they are running a daily clues to guess the teachers and so far we have Dina Wakely, bestill my beating heart.
  • I am working hard on my Cathy Zielske class for Me the abridged version but way behind cos I spent loads of time doing Shimelle's class. I am doing alot of the writing and will do the scrapbooking at a later date.
  • I am starting a free class on the 18th October which is very personal to me. It's called Art, healing and health. As many of you know I dont have the best mental health and recently my physical health has been taking a battering as well. Suffice to say I have felt well and truly dejected and depressed in recent weeks and saw this class and thought it may aid in improving my positive thinking. The course involves Art journalling, making an empathy monster and much more. It's being run by Tam an artist based in Brighton and I am really excited about doing something outside my comfort zone.
  • If you havent signed up there will be a bloghop over in Oz next Sunday led by the miraculous Amy who whilst being a mum to 2 gorgeous children and wife to the Engineer is literally living in a housing bombsite while their home is completely gutted. If you havent seen waht this can involve pop over. Any male readers there ar epower tools invovled too!!!!!
  • Finally for this post me and a fellow blogger have a special party to invite you all to, it will be happening on the 8th November and we will be open to anyone who has a blog a blog to join us. We are putting the finishing touches to the invites and party food at present and their will be some forfeits involved but they are nice ones. So do come back and see what will be happening.
Finally, finally, thank you to everyone who has become a follower over the last few weeks despite there being nothing going one, it was lovely to see some brand new faces when I read my blog again. So will be back soon to tell you more about our party.


  1. What? Did I miss you? But OF COURSE I DID! It's great to have you back in Blog-Land, Jo!
    You certainly have been scrappily busy and seem to have plenty more lined up.
    Excited about the party! And off to take a look at what's going on with Amy's blog-hop too.
    See ya! X

  2. Welcome back Jo! You have been busy, glad to hear we'll be in class together again soon! Would you recommend the weekend away in Hampshire? I love the idea of a whole weekend devoted to scrapping but I am just a beginner really (only started this year) so not sure how I would do though amazing inspiration from everyone I'm sure!! Did u go on your own? Cos I probably wouldn't know anyone (if I can go not checked dates etc etc yet!!LOL) Look forward to hearing how all your new ventures go xxx

  3. Welcome back, may not have been blogging, but you've certainly been busy!! The party sounds fun...and see you in class!!!!

  4. Oh Jo, I was so pleased to see a post from you appear in my blog reader :-) I've been meaning to email you to see how you were, because I had noticed your absence and missed you xx I'm sorry I didn't actually manage to get that email written, but I was thinking of you! Lovely to hear about what you've been up to, and I shall see you in Shimelle's new class :-)

  5. I'm continuing to think of you over the weekend - we all are - and hoping you are soon on a road to recovery. Keep taking those iron tablets x

  6. Jo it is lovely to see you back! I did miss you! Was getting quite worried. Glad to see you have been up to loads! xxxx

  7. Hooraaaayyyyy :-)
    I'm so glad you got back into the posting way of life!
    I am excited for your little venture coming up - the blogging one, and sending all my best wishes in the hope that you will be feeling better soon :-)

  8. Welcome back Jo, see you in Shimelle's new class! :)


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