Thursday, 4 November 2010

The Journalling facebook conversation!!!!!

So the conversation went like this:

Me: I am starting to scrapbook Luke's 21st birthday photos and I want to include some of your memories cos otherwise it's all abit one sided. Could you let me have something awesomely funny or just anything you think would be gr8 to remember.
Jo xxxxx

Tref: I can't remember that far back, now he's 26...

Luke: If im 26 then that must mean your 45?



Tref: In gay years, I think I'm older...

Tref: Jo - surely it's all covered by everyone's photos? Thinking I can remember anything is just wishful thinking on your part. The brain's the first thing to go at my age.

Me: oh come on guys, surely you can remember something useful and comment or else this is gonna go in as the journalling ;-))

Luke: Just mention Tref's age and receding hair line :P

Jo: i am not gonna be rude u lil horror

Tref: Actually, I do remember that he wouldn't make us any BACON SANDWICHES in the morning.

And he kept going like it was his birthday, when it wasn't cos he'd already had it.


Luke: Just like i didnt mean you any food on Saturday? I was tired... and it still is my birthday :D

Tref: Had to cook my own bloody chilli........The roast was pretty damn good...

Luke: I dont remember Sausage Sandwhiches?

Me: that's because u never made any sausage sandwiches luke


And that's what you get for asking people who were there to tell you their memories so you can journal them!!!!!!!!! Another prompt idea from Shimelle.


  1. lol! May not have given you the memories you were hoping for, but worth documenting anyway! xx

  2. Funny how they always remember about food, isn't it!

  3. What a funny conversation Jo, definitely worth scrapping :)

  4. You just can't leave it to others can you - so unreliable ;-)


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