Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Today I thought I would post about the loss of some great magazines and what I have found to replace them.

It was with much sadness that scrapbookers in the UK grieved for the demise of Scrapbook Inspirations but rejoiced with the quarterly new styled magazine. However much to our schagrine this also has fallen by the wayside and we know what when or if it will find a replacement. Some of us had started to enjoy the UK version of Scrapbook Trends but even this has had a short-lived shelf life and no longer appears in WH Smiths. All we are left with is Scrapbook Magazine and much as I enjoy looking in it, it is not my favourite choice of reading material, so here is what I have done instead.

 Firstly I have found that I can subscribe to Scrapbook Trends online, not only at a reduced fee per month but I can access the magazines archive if I pay slightly more. At $4.99 per month for Scrapbook Trends or $9.99 for access to all their magazines online it is amazing value. It is gr8 to be able to access this magazine as they often have differently themed ideas to the main UK magazines of old and have international flavour. My friend Nancy Doren is in there alot too. It is also good for the environment as we will save loads of trees which coiuld make more card and scrapbooking paper of course ;-))

Secondly, I subscribe to Masterful Scrapbooking, a new initiative from Debbie Hodge of Get it Scrapped fame. This series costs $10.99 per month and includes a different design theme every month. This month we are doing embellishment, last month it was layering and September was colour. The first day of the month you receive a large pdf folder full of inspiration and key information about the topic, then throughout the month there are further design discussions, podcasts, webinairs, articles and much more. It is like having your own design magazine at your fingertips. Definately well worth a look at if not investing in.

Finally I would just like to remind everyone about our little party on Saturday night. We will be going live at 8pm GMT over at Lizzie's house and going to nearly 30 bloggers house on our way over to mine, where we will end with some big prize news and end of party fun and frolicks, be there or be square. In honour of this event I have found a tune to sing along to........................


  1. Thanks for the tips, Jo - I miss Scrapbook Inspirations, too :-(

  2. Thanks for the info and link, Jo. Sorry not to be able to be there this weekend and hope you all have a fantastic time!

  3. I miss Scrapbook Inspirations too :(

  4. Great ideas here, Jo! I'm looking forward to the weekend too... it's going to be manic for me as I have my first Craft Fair on Saturday, the Blog Party in the evening and Scrap Club all day Sunday... that's after a mini-bonfire party on Friday evening...
    Time to go and make more books!

  5. Yes I really miss scrapbook inspirations too :(

  6. Hi, Jo, Even in the US we miss Scrapbook Inspirations. Thanks for your kinds words about Masterful Scrapbook Design. I appreciate it.

  7. Man, I nearly used this in my post!

    The demise of the mags is a great sadness but I like your ideas as alternatives Jo :-)


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