Monday, 6 June 2011

Get your craft on baby..................

Not quite sure what's been happening, maybe I'm making up for lost mojo, but the scrapbooking has been going exceedingly well thank you Mr Kipling!

This weekend I have made 1 double page LO and a single page LO based around Shimelle's 4x6 photolove pages, and 2 class LOs.

If you havent heard of Shimelle's 4x6 photo love then you can find more about it on Shimelle's site or here at Two Peas in a Bucket. The basic idea is that each month Shimelle scrapbooks 4x6 photos and the number of the month denotes the number of photographs used. So in January you use 1 and by December there will be 12. Now when you see my LOs based on her pages you will spot 2 mistakes. The first came about when I realsied that the photos I had ordered only came in at 4x51/4 so there is a gap down each side of the page. The second is in the double page spread there were meant to be 5 photos however, silly me forgot that and already out in her embellies and realised her photo didnt fit the LO anyway. So the moral is...................either get the right photos, remember the number ur working with or else just go for your own design!
Anyway here is the double page LO and Shimelle's original design.................

I have been trying to use up the millions of photos I took for Luke's birthday weekend and am getting there thankfully. The double page LO is all about the fountains behind Sheffield City Hall. I used one pre-made embelly for the labels and then 2 handmade ones. I only used 3 papers here and used each side to mix and match,

This next single page LO is another 4x6 photolove scraplift using 4 photos, one hidden under a decorated piece of cardstock and shows the Sheffield Eye...............

 This is a closeup of the decorated card flap....................

....................and he are the birthday boy and myself hidden under the flap.

The last 2 LOs are from classes. The first is from crop and is a LO using a mitred frame in 3D relief and loads of handcut embellishments. Not my cup of tea cos I find it so fiddly and time consuming. Anyway it turned out well, with some added bling in the form of stickles and butterflies.

We made fabric flowers as well which I embellieshed later with some blinged pins and cute buttons.

This final LO is a class taught from an online website I subscribe to called Miss Arts Papercrafting School. It starts at a $5 subscription up to $15.00 and there are several classes a month which have video guidance and some pdf files too. The $15.00 subscription also allows access to all levels of classes and 90 days of library class access.

 The lady who taught this class was really inspiring and the above LO is made using Prima papers, vintage music sheets and cardstock along with some Prima stickers. So I will try and descrinbe the process you go through. First you have to cut out the centre of the patterned paper around the design, next you cut out the cardstock slightly reduced in size. These 2 pieces are then stuck together with 3D foam. The vintage sheet music is then cut into strips and smooshed and crumples, inked and then pleated all the way around the inside of the cardstock to form another layer and frame. Finally a third layer of cardstock is attached to the back of the 3D frames. The photo slides in behind the musci and the butterflies, bling and title were added. I really enjoyed this LO as it romantic and used alot of bits I already had in my stash.

This is a closeup of the layers of embellishments of flowers in the top lefthand corner of the LO. You can see the sheet music I described abit more closely too.

So tonight, Shimelle is sending something for us Beyond Blogging for scrapbookers and I am finishing my summer minibook using a kit from Elle's Studios. More on that another time.
 Phew arent you exhausted now? Time to sit back and enjoy the new edition of Mollie Makes which arrive today.



  1. Love the pages Jo, so much detail! The clusters of embellishments on the last one are really beautiful.

  2. wow you have been busy Jo and you have made some stunning pages! I love the ideas you have used in making the frame in the last LO and all the embellishments layered up together are stunning, great inpspiration for me thank you xxx ps sorry blogger is a pain and cannot comment as me hugs Furrypig xxx

  3. ooh just read Rachel B's blog and it explains how to start signing in again and looks like it works... hope you didn't mind me trying it out on your fabby blog xxx

  4. wow, what a productive weekend x
    Lovely Lo's, love all the hand cutting x

  5. Oooooo, woweee!! What a fab collection of Pages, Jo! They are so gorgeous and lovely - I can't decide which I love best!
    And never mind about whether you followed the original layout for the double page etc... you did your own thing and did it so well!
    Well done Jo - a great weekend's scrapping!

  6. Love your layouts! I'm a total sucker for water fountains! The colors on your pages are fabulous!! Great job...what a productive weekend!!

  7. Fab layouts Jo, I think your version of the double layout is great. The gaps work really well, I would never have known! :)

  8. All that creativity has to be a good sign, hasn't it? It's so good to see you feeling productive! I'm a handcutting fan so I have been having a lovely long look at your flowers. Fantatsic!

  9. lovely LO's Jo! I love the second one. So intricate! fab work- will be lifting a few of those ideas! xxx

  10. *great* layouts, Jo - lots of cooing and 'wow'ing going on over here! xx


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