Thursday 21 July 2011

Colour class: Red.

The first week of class was all about the colour RED.

For my LO I actually used a class I had completed at my local crop. We used some embossing techniques on this LO which I haven't done alot of but now I love it so you will probably see more.

Here is my LO....................

This photograph was taken in the year 2000 when we all went to Paris to see my godmother sing at one of the opera houses there. We decided to go to Notre Dame as none of us had been in. It was a strange experience as you wander around like little ants and are constantly being told by a priest to be quiet over a microphone. It was surreal. It was a lovely picture too as my mum is looking adoringly at my dad and for a change he isn't pulling a face.

The kraft cardstock was embossed using clear embossing powder and using some flourishes and butterfly stamps. We then did some coloured embossing using red inks, I did more butterflies and flourishes. The page was then built up by cutting a ring of red patterned paper which the picture sits into, the flourishes were then cut apart and build into layered pieces on 3-d foam.


  1. That's lovely, Jo! A really nice technique. How long is it, since I used embossing? Quite a while, if you don't count the edging I have made for some customers' book labels!
    I went to a "Stampin' Up" party last week. The lady demonstrated a technique that I'd never tried - she used "Versamark" clear ink (the sticky stuff for embossing), stamped onto a coloured background and just allowed to dry. It gives a clear, slightly embossed-looking design, which does show up, but is very subtle. It was lovely and I will use it again - along with some heat-embossing too, I think! Thanks for the ideas; love the scrap page - especially the butterflies (and the great photograph)!

  2. It is always hard to follow Lizzie in the comments section - she always responds so thoroughly and this time she has said pretty much what I would have! Love red and kraft!


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