Wednesday, 20 July 2011

52 lists: things to do on a rainy day.

Ah yes rain, that element we need but don't necessarily love. So this week what can I think of to do on a rainy day?

  • Bake...............nothing better than cooking something yummy with those lovely aromas to lead u away from the window,

  • Organise your craft supplies.............go on you know you want to,
  • Housework?................nearly as yucky as rain but a necessity I suppose,
  • Watch a good old weepy movie no-one can see u cry through the rain, heehee,

  • Phone a friend, cos they'll be indoors moaning about the weather too,
  • Scrapbook.................go on it's fun,
  • Plan a reading goal......................and keep to it,

  • Try online's hysterical,
  • Make your Christmas list.........................cos when it comes around you'll have forgotten what you fancied 6 months ago and get those socks again,
  • Delete those million and one emails you have in your inbox it is therapeutic,
  • Put your wellies on and splash in the puddles like a big kid, take kids with you and everyone will think you're the best aunty/uncle ever,

  • Be grateful that you have rain as some countries have little or none....................likewise be grateful you're not being flooded.
  • Smile the sun will come out tomorrow so the story goes and when it does they''ll be a rainbow with gold at the end of it.


  1. A perfect idea for a list!

  2. Oh I have really enjoyed this post, what fun

  3. Oh this list is just wonderful! I was admiring Mel's version, but I love yours even more! The photos are fab and the ideas are lovely. Funny, I commented on Mel's post, that not enough little folks go out to splash these days - and that I ought to go with my tiny niece and splash too (she goes out in her wellies and raincoat, with her mummy and baby sister). I really think I should!

    Another thing to do on a rainy (or sunny) day... Meet a Friend in Wells, for a cup of coffee? Preferably some time in the next 2 weeks?


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