Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Welcome to the first post for Explore the brand new class from Shimelle Laine. There wasn't a huge amount of information about the class prior to today however I have faith in Shimelle so took the plunge anyway.

So the first prompt was to make a Play book which I have done. I used pink cardstock and some scraps of patterned paper left from projects. I found some explore related travel stickers and others bit and bobs. The pages are 6 x 4 but I made the covers slightly larger so that it would accomodate large objects depending on the class requirements.
The cover is hiding a wealth of messy inking which kind of had a mad attack all over the card! I ended up making a bigger detailed cover to disguise it all. I found the labels and stickers in my stash and the birdcage I had already cut out and thought of a bird wanting to explore the outside world. The stickers a puffy stickers and I splattered a load of paint down the front. What looks like a postal stamp is actually a sticker from a travel pack.
We were also told to find some photos which meant explore or adventure to us, here are a couple I found.

 The Paris Eye

 Bristol Balloon Fiesta
 Walking in the Yorkshire Moors

Me sitting overlooking a beach in Pembrokeshire.
Each of the photos have a travel sticker with a phrase added onto it from the travel pack I mentioned earlier.

Yesterdays prompt is taking a picture of urself which I still havent done as I dont have the right light or mirror placements. Today we needed to make or find a postcard. I found one in my bag of souvineers from Barcelona 3 years ago. I will complete the journalling later.

I will be back with more Explore tomorrow.


  1. What I love about her classes is how everyone does something just a bit different ;)

  2. Your book looks great Jo, especially with the photos. And your Barcelona postcard bought back memories of my birthday trip there last year

  3. Love the little book Jo! You are really fab at mini-albums. The pink and blue together are wonderful - so bright and happy! Pink is a very uplifting colour.
    Have fun filling your book with great stuff!


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