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Ten on the tenth part 3..........................childhood TV

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As a child, we had a black and white TV and not until I was about 4. The first programme I can remember clearly is Top of the Pops and in particular one evening my dad and I dancing to T-Rex in our dining room. I must have been 4 then. I thought I would share with you some of the TV I loved as a child.
  1. Wacky Races

My fave characters were these two naughty boys Dick Dastardly and Mutley............

...................for her sins, poor lil sis got called Dick Dastardly for life because according to my dad she was always getting herself into scrapes. Her other nickname which she hates is Bun bun which I feel is much nicer.

This gorgeous young lady is Penelope Pitstop she was my other fave character. She was always yelling ''Help, help'' in a Southern USA accent and being chased by the Hooded Claw who said ''I'll get you Penelope Pitstop''

2. The Hair Bear Bunch

3. The Banana Splits Show

    4. Doctor Who

    Oh come on you know it had to be in here somewhere! Yes the Dr I first met him in the late 60s and early 70s when he was played by Jon Pertwee. That's him looking very suave above. I went through the Sarah Jane Smith assistant.................

    era then Tom Baker etcetera right up until the present Dr the delectable Matt Smith. I have liked all the Drs even Paul McGann except Sylvester (sorry Sylvester you did him in I'm afraid).

      Favourite Dr and assistant would be David Tennant and Katherine Tate however either he or Matt Smith with Katherine Tate and River Song would be perfect.

      My sister used to hide behind the sofa like all the other big girlies but I was never scared, I mean come on it's not real you know. Ok maybe sometimes it made me jump but there was way too much excitement to miss by hiding behind a sofa.

      5. White Horses

       For me this show was all about the beautiful horses and the beautiful theme tune. It is ingrained in my memory forever even if forget the words. Hum that song to a certain age group and they will probably smile and go I liked that show..................and so you can enjoy it one more time here it is....................Come white horses let us fly away lalalalala.........

      6. Blue Peter

      Anyone in this country at sometime or other will have watched Blue Peter. Ask someone from the UK ''Here's one I made earlier'' and they will say Blue Peter. This programme was one where loads of stuff happened, they raised money for different charities each year, I remember saving up milk bottle tops for something. We all had bring and buy sales. The presenters could all do amazing things and had had experience in different backgrounds. There were pets like the one in this picture who I think is Shep. They also had cats and a tortoise and taught you how to care for them. The here's one I made earlier came from the craft section of the show. Each programme had something to make whether it was food or craft. I made a Pippa house from a box, a Xmas candelabra, book covers all sorts. And half way through the segment to save time they did the ''Here's.....................''

      7. Jackanory
        If you love stories being read to you then this was the programme to watch and the best reader was this man Kenneth Williams. He had the most amazing voice and did different characterisations.

        The stories were normally read by actors and were read over 5 afternoons for 15 minutes enough time to keep your attention and want more the next day.

        8.Scooby Doo.
        In our house, this amazing cartoon was so well loved by 2 sisters, we can still recite parts of an old album we had when were little.
        Scooby Doo the dog and his friend's Fred, Velma, Shaggy and Daphne went around the US solving mysteries and generally getting into trouble. They always found the criminal and brought him to justice with the famous line ''And I would have got away with it too if it hadn't had been for those pesky kids''. Scooby and Shaggy always got scared and ate too much, Velma was the clever one and Daphne was the pretty one. Sadly I couldn't find a song from our amazing album but here is a little scoobie clip................

          9. Lizzie Dripping.
            Lizzie Dripping was an ordinary girl who lived in an ordinary town, until she met the mad witch who loved nothing better than sitting in the graveyard knittig. Yeah weird. She had this habit of reciting ''Knit one, purl one'' as she knitted and she was always a bit odd looking.

            and last but by no means least................

            10. Top of the Pops.
            your weekly guide to the best music in the UK charts. Ready, Mammma Mia here I go again.......................

            What would be in your top ten childhood programmes?


              1. A great list, thank you for that trip down memory lane x

              2. The only one I don't remember is Lizzie Dripping....and how I did love Wacky Races.

              3. Almost all of these! Apart from White Horses which I wasn't so keen on; but all the others are right up there. I like the thought of not knowing someone at the time and now knowing they used to look forward to all the same things as I did..

              4. Oh my goodness! The Banana Splits!!! Wow, what a blast from the past. Thank you for sharing.

              5. I love this post! I can remember every one of those programmes and relieved that I wasn't the only one hiding from the daleks from the safety of behind the armchair.

              6. Hello Jo, it's Roz, I don't go in for this techie stuff! Wow, what memories.... Funnily enough we had similar tastes (could be because we're about the same age??)

                I loved the White Horses theme song, still gives me goosebumps. And I remember Lizzie Dripping "don't look now your fibs are slipping..." Do I get a brownie point for mentioning she was played by Tina Heath who went on to be a Blue Peter presenter? (or did I get that wrong?)

                You must have been dead posh though, I was 10 years older than you when we got a colour tv. I think I was about 16 before I realised Bagpuss was pink. My first tv memory was the Magic Roundabout, allegedly my first word was "Dougal", (or Doodle as I pronounced it).

                Sorry for the waffle, if there is one subject which will get adults rambling it's kids' tv! xx

              7. Great list - I loved all these too - I also seem to remember Follyfoot - another horse one

              8. I used to be petrified of the Dr Who music, the show wasn't a big worry, it was the music!

              9. Oh yes, most of these in my list too, Jo! Do you also remember Belle and Sebastien (from France, about a boy and Belle, his huge mountain dog)? And "The Singing Ringing Tree" (it was a slightly odd, but rather lovely fairy-story from abroad -Eastern Europe somewhere - about a princess... can't remember a lot of the details, but the Singing Ringing Tree was magic, there was also a magical squirrel and a dwarf... I liked it anyway!)
                We also liked "Multi-Coloured Swap Shop", "The Sunday Gang" and "Why Don't You....".
                Favourite kids' tv programmes is quite a regular topic for our conversations here...
                DH liked programmes like "The Flashing Blade", because of the swashbuckling adventures!
                Thanks for the fun reminders and also the film clips!

              10. Lovely memmories - I so regret the passing of Jackanory! Good old-fashioned story telling at its best.

              11. What a great list. We had about half of these here in the states, but some had different names I think.

              12. Oh the Banana Splits! I loved White Horses too, it seemed an integral part of Summer holidays as a child, along with several dubbed series that I have forgotten the names of, but remember the stories. Thanks for a wonderful stroll down memory lane:)


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