Monday 15 August 2011

Rinda's scavenger hunt part 3........................

1. A picture of your entire team (or a self-portrait, if you're playing alone).
2. A museum
3. A camp fire (or fire in a fireplace)
4. A protest, town hall meeting or other political activity
5. A hand lettered sign selling something or giving directions
6. A person dressed as a pirate
7. A decorated mailbox (Non-U.S. participants may substitute a piece of garden sculpture)

8. Your country's flag
9. A festival or fair
10. A wooden bridge
11. A forest
12. A unicycle
13. A cemetery of historical significance or with an interesting story.
14. A castle
15. Graffiti art (not just graffiti and not just a wall mural)
16. A building made of metal or glass
17. Rain
18. A person sketching or painting outside their house
19. A beehive or an ant farm with live ants
20. A handmade roadside memorial or shrine.
21. A rooster



  1. Oooh, you have been busy! Good luck withe last few!

  2. Sheesh! You're a machine Jo!

  3. You are cracking through that list!

  4. Well done Jo! :)

    I'm a bit stuck on a couple of these - must see what I can do...

    PS Sorry I haven't had time to comment much lately, but I have read all your posts. Congrats on your feature, you rock! And hooray for meeting Lizzie :)

  5. You're getting there! Well done!

  6. Hey, good list, Jo! I thought you photographed a Museum for this list, on our day out?

    Where are you, btw? Hope you're well and busy... X


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