Sunday, 4 September 2011

Storytelling scrapbooking changes your life

Yesterday 3 friends reminisced at their local crop.
''do you remember when we came here for the first time?''
'yes it was for the 12 hour crop'
'but ''do you all realise it was three years ago?'
A hush fell over the friends. We had all met at a Papermill Shop cardmaking class and chatting. We all discovered we were primarily scrapbookers and exchanged details as Alex had heard of a local crop. Within a few days she had
phoned about the 12 hour crop.
Through these ladies I have made two gr8 friends, found a church and can enjoy my hobby. This year Alex has had our first crop baby and we realised yesterday it is three years since we first met.
It's not just about sticking and gluing, it's a way of life cxxxxxxx

Jo Jo xxx
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  1. Nice story. I've met some very good friends through scrapping.

  2. I couldn't agree more! :-)

  3. So true! I've never met a scrapbooker I haven't liked!

  4. Definitely! And I agree with Debs - I've never met a scrapbooker I haven't liked either.

    Thanks for the story this month Jo - I've been looking out for you :)

  5. Great story Jo! And scrapping is a fab way to make friends (look what great friends I've found through scrapping - with a bit of blogging thrown in for good measure!)

    Hope you're well - haven't heard from you. What did you think of the idea I sent in my e-mail?

  6. I totally agree - it also changes your perspective, how you see things (Oh, this would make a great layout, I must tell this story). I have a couple of friends that I get together with once or twice a year to scrap and it's always so much fun.

  7. The friends I've made through scrapping (and in particular UKScrappers as I've yet to meet a blogging friend) have been brilliant. I have met scrappers I didn't like though ... sad but true!
    Scrapping has changed the way I see the world though - I'm much more observant and appreciate the little things much more!

  8. I've made so many friends through scrapping - some IRL and some e-maginary :)

    Scarily... the crop I run has passed it's first decade... We've waved our first crop baby off to school some time ago :lol:

  9. This is such a lovely story Jo. Scrapbooking & photography has certainly changed the way I see things.

  10. What a nice story Jo. I've made some wonderful friends through scrapbooking.


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