Tuesday 10 January 2012

10 things on the tenth: books to read and live by?

Today I would like to share 10 books with you which I aim to read this year and either make something from, learn from or just simply enjoy. This list is brought to in association with Shimelle Laine. So in no particular order we have:

Super-cute felt by Laura Howard or as many of us know her ''Lupin''. This is Laura's first foray into the publication world and is a beautifully written and designed book using her skills as a felt stitcher. She has further expanded into knitting over the past year on her blog. She sells beautiful pieces of felt creations on her Etsy site and is definately worth a read. I am hoping to make her owl egg cosy into something more stuffed and their are over 35 projects to try.

Second is Making Handmade Books by Alisa Golden. This book was a buy after the inspiring workshop we did with Lizzie at our weekend away. I was so excited to finally see her doing her thing as it were and wanted to learn more so got this book from Amazon. There are over 100 projects to try and I am lucky enough to have found some great thread locally which Lizzie recommends, and with the stash I have I will hopefully learn and use this skill in the many minibook projects I have planned.

Thirdly Patch by Cath Kidston. I had this book for Christmas and it has 30 projects to complete, including some free materials to make a cute tote bag featured on the front cover. Having previously tried patchwork ages ago, it is another skill I would like to learn.

Fourth, The Slimming World Little Book of Soups. As soup stays longer in ur stomach thus making you feel fuller for longer, soups have become a dietary staple as I lose weight. I plan to try out some more recipes Cauliflower Cheese soup anyone?

Fifth, the latest from Stephen King. A story of what could happen if you could turn back time and prevent the death of JFK. But what then? I am looking forward to that one.

Sixth the recent novel by Anthony Horowitz about Sherlock Holmes. Waiting for my Dad to finish the last 100 pages, which seems to be taking him a inordinately long time, so I can read it myself. Did anyone else feel cheated by Sherlock this week? I mean where was the scary dog? Get real, there is ALWAYS  a scary dog in the book. Left me rather dissatisfied I must say.

Seventh, another gift for Christmas, the inimitable Kirsty Allsopp's Craft which follows on from the series she completed last year. Although I didn't enjoy much of the TV part, the book is really great with lots of tips and ideas and some good projects to try. I fancy trying out the Applique cushion and maybe some Birdseed cakes.

Eighth,The Hobbit because I need to refresh my memory before the film arrives this Christmas.

Ninth, my Bible. I have tried to read it in a year several times but this year I really must do it.

And last but by no means least, this is abit of a cheat please forgive. The other hundred or so books I must read to meet my Goodreads challenge.

What books are you planning to read this year?


  1. Well, I'm halfway through a big biography of Dickens and it has me intrigued to search out some more..

    I love the look of that felt one too..

  2. I have that felt book on my wishlist, as I have long been a follower of Bugs and Fishes. I need to make a few more projects from the other two cute felt books I have first though!
    We're big fans of soup here and I keep meaning to put more recipes on my blog, although I'm not sure they are compatible with SW.

  3. I'm reading Game of Thrones at the moment

  4. Five and Six look pretty good to me. Haven't touched a book in far too long.

  5. I've just got the felt book....and love it.

  6. Some good ideas here Jo for a good read! I must say I enjoyed the Sherlock episode very much...although the sustitution of mind altering drugs for an actual dog did seem strange.:) x

  7. sp: substitution (oops!)

  8. so many books so little time! I also want to read the Antony Horowitz book, as just had it recommended by a friend. I really hope to read 52 books this year.

  9. Good selection of books there Jo - haven't watched Sherlock yet - perhaps I shouldn't bother!

  10. Great selection, I've just been flicking through my Kirsty book :)

  11. What an interesting selection :). I could do with re-reading most of our book collection!

  12. Love The Hobbit. I'm reading through my Bible this year, too. :)

  13. I loved reading your post for 10 on the 10th! I am about to check if my library has any of those books! Thank you!

  14. Great little library here Jo! So glad you were inspired to buy a book about binding; Alisa Golden is a fab and inspiring bookbinder - she's also very skilled and artistic, with a great flare for explaining things well. I'm so pleased you enjoyed the bookbinding "mini-class" at our weekend away.
    I must re-read The Hobbit too - thanks for the reminder.
    As for the Bible - my mum has a book of daily readings, which are based around the church year, but would cover a lot of the bible over a year. I can't remember what it's called... It has a pink & white cover...


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