Thursday, 5 January 2012

2011 review part 2 and 2012 goals.

So where was I? Oh yes, half way through my 2011 review in pictures, when I was rudely interrupted by a trip to the local hospital. Anyway, home now and on the mend.

So here is my collage again which I made in Picassa..............gotta love that programme. Anyway we had gotten to the bottom row and are now on the sculpture of the children carrying the cross which I have to say is a beautiful piece of art in the Bishop's Palace gardens. The next picture is lil E blowing bubbles on the cathedral green in the early Autumn when she, her brother (who features next) came to stay. We had a wonderful weekend of baking, drawing, painting, storytelling, babysitting, and eating oh yes and walking. The final picture is of lil M laughing his head off last January on his mum's birthday weekend. We always try to meet up and this year we are meant to be going to see a play in Windsor, my poor coccyx permitting. Anyway that is the end of the 2011 review.

So what does 2012 have in store for me? Well from a blogging perspective I hope to be abit more proactive unlike the last 4 months when I blogged very sporadically. I have given myself a new look for a new year, I thought it was quite cheery and fun, and I love the vibrant colours. I hope it will motivate me to come here more frequently.

I also have 2 year long projects I will be taking part in scrapbook wise. Both are by great teacher from a great online class site called Big Picture Scrapbooking. You can see both of the logos for the classes in my new look side bar to the right. The first is ''Move More Eat Well'' with Cathy Zielske. I have done a couple of Cathy's classes and this one sounded a great way to focus myself, have extra motivation and document my journey to a healthier weight and lifestyle. I am still attending Slimming World and once my coccyx heals, will have to get back to the gym. I know it won't be an easy task but once I decide to do something I normally get there. So watch this space.
The second class is ''One little word 2012'' with Ali Edwards. I took this class last year and thought it was a great process so here I am again. My one little word is


I had no idea until Sunday night when I lying in a hospital bed waiting for the doctor to see me when this very little word came into my mind. I think I was also praying at the time so it must be heaven sent. For a small word it has a lot of connertations........................for example:
  • be good
  • be who you want to be
  • simply be
  • be loved
  • be yourself.........................

so there are loads of ways to look at this word and to progress through 2012 just being. I hope some of you are also joining in this years class and I will meet you in the chat rooms.

I have also commited myself to 100 books to read in 2012. Didn't achieve it last year however there were extenuating circumstances m'Lord so I reckon if I start today I will get there. Now what should I start with I wonder?

I want to make a positive impact on my work community and my local community, even in a small way. I love my job and am so excited by the opportunities I have been given. I have been truly blessed with my gifts.

I hope to meet up with you guys more in the flesh. There is talk of another weekend away in the coming months so if you are interested in coming then let me know. Can't let Lizzie be the only organiser this time, I must make more of an effort to be actively involved in the planning.

So what are you planning this 2012? I have read some great goals from my blog roll friends and am looking forward to seeing them come into fruition. So a crafting we will go. Happy, healthy ;) and wealthy 2012 to us all.........................everyone (thanx Charles).


  1. Love your new look blog.

    I hope you achieve all you want in 2012 and look forward to continuing reading your blog in the coming year and maybe meeting up again soon.

    Love Lesley xx

  2. Be still - at least until that back heals!
    Hope to meet up again this year.

  3. Your new look is wonderfully fresh and warm! Yes, please count me in for another weekend and am happy to help in any way. :)

  4. Great new look to the blog Jo:) Very envious of your weekend away with blog friends. Sadly the coach timetable didn't work out for me. It may only have 2 letters, but it seems like the perfect word for you.

  5. Happy New Year Jo glad you are on the mend hope to see you again in 2012 xxx


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