Monday 5 March 2012

Just one Sketch........................the finale.

I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time in Miss Smith's class and learned loads about how to adapt my own sketches. So now the class is finished and I present my final layouts for your perusal.

This class was to use circles on your layout in whatever way you liked. I chose a cute picture of my friend's puppy Brue and used circular letter stickers, semi-circular braid, brads, some circular chipboard elements, half a doily from some packaging and some flowers.

This next class was to minimise your picture and layers on the layout. I chose a picture of my lil sister and my cat Lotty who sadly died several years ago. I used some misting spray in Calico white on the page to lessen the orange and then picked the colours and shapes from my old sofa. We also had to do some embroidery so I did that for the title word ''girl''. The title was inspired by The Eurythmics song which I happened to be listening to on the day.................

The next lesson was to make a layout without a photo. When Clair sent me my lovely bracelet I knew I would use the spare little beaded pins she had sent in case the bracelet wasn't big enough. I threaded the pins onto some thread and then layered up the layout. I wanted to tell the story of the lost bracelet so that is what I journalled..........
 here is a slightly off-focus pic of the beads................the tag is by Amy Tangerine cute huh?

The next lesson was to layer. Oh what a great way to spread stash. I found a cute picture of my Uncle's cat from a trip to Portugal. Because she's a tabby I used autumnal colours and I found a wood paper to emulate her coat. I used doily, patterned paper, tags and stickers to layer up the picture. .........

 ....................I also embellished with stickers, brads and a camera.

This final layout was to be inspired by the class as a whole. I found an old photo of me and my friend Sarah in Bath and journalled the story. I used autumnal shades again as it was October/November time and I was wearing an orange blouse. I was inspired by Miss Smith's layouts so scraplifted some of her wonderful embellishment ideas. I punched some butterflies, love them. I found some fab stickers and a cool orange lettering set.
So now class is over but I will be using the skills I have learned and drawing a few more of my own sketches and scraplifting and adapting a little more.


  1. Lovely lot of Layouts! My favourites are the first one, about the puppy, the one about the bracelet (no "f" on "found"?) and the last one, with a gorgeous colour scheme and a fab picture of Smiley Jo!
    It really does look like you enjoyed the Class - the results speak for themselves!
    What will you be doing next?

  2. Lovely layouts, I've enjoyed the class too.

  3. oops, yes i found the ''f'' on the floor after i photographed it. silly me.
    jo xx

  4. I can tell just how much you enjoyed this class - your beautiful spread of layouts speak for themselves :)

  5. Well I am glad I'm late to visit for Storytelling Sunday so that I got to see all these great layouts - it looks like your class was fabulous. I'm off to read your story next.


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