Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Bad sweets...............or how the past hit me in the behind!

Hello and I have a few things to say to you. Do you ever get  strange and unworldly moments when the present and past clash? I do, in fact I had one earlier whilst chatting to Luke. He was eating a sweet and I found an orange flavoured sweety to suck too only it wasn't orange but barley sugar. Those slightly more mature readers may remember childhoods spent in the car when their mum gave them a Barley sugar to prevent car sickness................well I have just had a terrible moment of memories of those sweets simply NOT working at all.

So sometimes these moments are BAD, however today I had one GOOD moment when a lovely Tweet came through from glitter shim other wise known as Shimelle Laine. It is almost Spetember which means it is time for Learn Something New Everyday 2012. I have done this daily journalling/scrapbooking class for the last five years. If you have never taken part I would highly recommend it. Shimelle sends out some amazing ideas for each day and there are forums to share our stories. Each year the class is updated with fun new ideas and there are also pdfs and videos to enjoy. If you want more info then hop over to Shimelle's blog here and have a read. If you sign up you pay for this year and then next year it's free..................awesome.


  1. Yay! Shimelle! I won't be taking part in LSNED this September - there is just too much going on here, family-wise. I've had to scale down the Etsy stuff too and stop accepting custom orders (which I just couldn't guarantee to get done!).
    But I hope you have a lovely time and meet some "old friends" who are following the course again for the second/third/fourth year!

    Ikky about the sweeties, Jo! I remember barley sugars too. It's not the kind of sweet, but the sugar, that's supposed to help... sometimes it does - sometimes... hmmm... I used to get travel sick, especially in my teens. Now I'm the driver! I still have some problems, but not as bad as when I was a kid. Hope you grew out of yours too.

    Nice to see a post from Jo-Jo. Haven't spotted any from you for a bit. Hope you're well. XXX

  2. I've done the class twice and will definitely be checking in this year (but maybe not for a full treatment).

  3. Thanks for the reminder about LSNED, Jo ... I know I enjoyed it before a great deal. Not quite decided whether to take part this year, but looking forward to seeing everyone's posts!

  4. Thank you for your comment on my Shimelle LO. I just signed up for this class yesterday


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