Saturday, 18 August 2012

Facebook timeline.

Hi all, hope you've had a fabulous Saturday, it's been sunny here and I sat and chatted to some lovely neighbours on the grass outside.

So today I wanted to briefly chat about Facebook. I've just got the new Timeline feature, well it's not new, but I'm new to it. So there I am gamely finding more fun things to do when I realised you need a cover picture? So what tells you something about me I thought, well I love cupcakes, music, photography, where I live so I used 5 photos which sort of demonstrated that.

Now how do I learn howe to make it? Oh yes I remember the lovely Abi did a tutorial on her blog a while back giving the exact details on how to do it. So off I trotted and followed her super easy instructions and here is what my picture looks like:

So from left to right the pictures are:
the ceiling inside La Sagradia Familia in Barcelona, the cupcakes from mum's 70th, a photo of The Feeling in Bristol, one of our swans in Wells moat and a picture of baby Jo.

So if you would like Abi's tutorial it is over here, have fun.


  1. Brilliant memory. I just chose one picture and stuck it in there when facebook changed me over to timeline.

  2. Gorgeous collage, Jo! I like your choice of pics.
    And that Abi - we can rely on her for great photo advice!

  3. Such a great collection - I especially like the shot of the swan ... :).


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