Saturday, 22 September 2012

The End........................ Scavneger Hunt 2012.

So it now officially Autumn, and wow does it feel autumnal today. I have just managed, by the skin of my teeth, to find the final 2 pictures for Rinda's scavenger hunt although is a little suspect. They would have gone up yesterday, but I spent the day out and then got home and collapsed in bed for 4 hours feeling very sick. I still have a weird headache but so much better than yesterday, I thought I was going to pass out! Yuck.

So the 2 final photos I needed were a clothes line.................

this is my mum's as we are not allowed to put our washing on a line here. Something about the aesthetics of living in a Victorian hospital and the neighbours complaining vociferously. I had to find a tricky angle as the mother's nightwear would have been recorded for posterity and she did not want the blogosphere to see here winciet nightie, heeheee.

Secondly, I needed a swing or hammock hanging from a tree. Now this is where we go slightly arry. I couldn't find these things anywhere. Maybe I live in the posh part of town or something but no-one had the picture I needed so instead I offer my mum's swing seat. Not hanging from a tree, not a swing as such nor a hammock but nevertheless my one chance at completing the hunt to my own satisfaction. At least give me props for trying.

So another year of hunting is over. I have really had fun finding my pictures and trying to think outside the box on some of them. I don't necessarily have a favourite photo but a funny story. All the pictures I took of Burnham Pier and the shadows, were taken on a disposable camera because after all my traipsing miles out my way to find a pier my camera battery died. I then had to hunt around town to find a camera I could use and get the negatives onto a CD too so that I could upload them for your enjoyment. I think I should get extra points just for determination. Anyway here's to 2013, another hunt and more fun.


  1. he he! Your story makes me laugh Jo! That is definite perseverance! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog- it made me smile. xxx

  2. Absolutely yes to extra points for determination in the face of adversity! Delighted to read you've successfully finished. And yes, autumn has arrived here too - I think we had a bit of a frost last night.

  3. Hope your headache has gone. i was about to take a photo of my Mother's hammock or swing seat until I had a brainwave and DD and I made swing in a tree for her doll.

  4. I hereby award you several extra points!! Well done you :)

    Sorry to hear about your poorliness by the way, hope you're all better now xx

  5. I hope you are feeling a lot better today!

    well done on finishing up - it's been brilliant fun, hasn't it? roll on next year!

  6. Hope that pesky headache has gone by now! I have the same swing seat as your mum - what a shame that the weather has been bad and we haven't been able to put the cushions on them recently! Love the story of the lengths you had to go to to get that pier. I once took a camera all the way to Paris, only to find that I had left the battery in the battery charger at home - doh!

  7. Great job! Thanks so much for playing along.


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