Monday, 24 September 2012

To someone special.................

There are sometimes in life, when you make friends in the most unusual ways. For me, it has been the wonderful world of blogging. I meet new friends everyday and have fun actually meeting some of them. Today is a special day for one of my blog friends and so I want you meet the lovely Abi.

This is she, a young lady who I have never met but feel I know, who I have watched grow from a 6th former to a teacher and now about to be a degree student at university. She is beautiful physically and spiritually and has an amazing young man at her side called The Boy. She dances, she photographs, she knits, sews and scrapbooks, heck she even does tutorials.

Today she reaches the youthful age of 20 years and I hope is having a wonderful time with her family and friends. So from one blog friend I wish her all the best a birthday can bring, cake, candles, presents and lots of love.




  1. Jo, you brought tears to my eyes! Thank you! It has been wonderful to get to know you over the years. We really do need a proper "meet up"! xxxxx

  2. What a sweet post and HB to Abi!

  3. Happy birthday, Abi! You are clearly much loved .. :) What a lovely tribute, Jo.

  4. Lovely! Someone who takes the time to make someone else feel special - now, that's my kind of friend. Happy Birthday Abi

  5. I saw this and said "Ahhhhh...."!
    Lovely Abi - and a lovely post, Jo-Jo! How nice of you to post such a great story about her.
    I said my birthday wishes on Facebook, but still - Happy Birthday Abi!


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