Monday 15 October 2012

Marti's Team Teal Quilting Bee part 2.

Well hello again and welcome to a second post all about the project to make a quilt in memory of Marti. I have had several emails already, thank you all for your support. Some people are worried that they have not sewn before. My response is Don't Panic! If you don't have a machine then you can hand sew the pieces or else, if you want to design a square and send me the fabric swatches and design I will sew them for you.

Anyway today I went to one of my local sewing and material shops Millie Moon. I know the owners quite well now as I often buy fat quarters, thread, felt, buttons and all manner of other important sewing stuff from them. And as regular readers of this blog know, I have been to a couple of their classes as well.
Well, there I am trying to match some teal ribbon with some material and we find a beautiful Moda fabric called Vintage Modern. And here is the key Team Teal fabric I have chosen for us all................

 I liked this one as although it has the key teal colouring, it also has other shades of blue and the design is classic but modern. I hope you all approve.
The next thing I know, I am being given 4 fat quarters from other fabrics in the range because the owner feels our project is so wonderful So I now also have these 3 fabrics we can utilise as well...............

I loved the vibrancy of colour in this fabric piece and the white flowers remind me of large daisies, more on that later.

I love the use of darker teal for the leaves here..............

What's more, we can buy other fabric if we wish for our project at a discounted rate! So a HUGE thank you to the girls at Millie Moon.

Here are those fabrics and others in the same range made into a wonderful quilt. Now this is simple but effective.

One of the ladies joining the project is Fiona from Staring at the sea and she reminded me in her email about a number of blog posts she wrote earlier this year about her new found passion for quilting. If you would like a read and to get some ideas on what you could do then here is the link to all her quilting posts. And I have also made a Pinterest board here

Finally for today here is a conversation Deb and I had on facebook last night.............

Deb:  What a lovely idea, Jo, and so wonderful for me to read as we travel back home today. Of course I would love to be involved! Thanks so much for your continued support and ongoing efforts to spread awareness of ovarian cancer. xo
Me: What were Marti's fave colours and then I could give those as ideas to peeps? xxx Safe trip home 
Deb: She loved blue and yellow together. Also loved strawberries and daisies. Once I'm home I will share your post with my friends and family as well.
So a few more ideas to help with choices of colour and images. Hope to hear from you soon and thank you again for your interest in Marti's quilt. xxx


  1. What lovely fabric, and such generosity from the ladies at the shop. I am inspired to get my sewing kit out of storage, dust the cobwebs off my needles and get stitching! Will check out the blog you mention for inspiration. Such a thoughtful project for you to start. Can't wait to get going.

  2. I'm so happy you're doing this, but I am definitely not a fabric person.

  3. I love the Moda fabric you've chosen Jo. How kind of the ladies at Millie Moon, I love their shop in Frome :o)

  4. Hi Jo ~ I have just posted links to your blog on my Facebook page. You are so lovely to do this, and I am so touched by the responses you have already received. And how wonderful that the fabric store you frequent has been so generous as well! I already have a design in mind! I can't wait to get started! :o)

  5. Jo you inspire me! You are a star & I would love to be able to contribute to Martis quilt. Good luck xx

  6. Beautiful fabrics and such sweet shop owners :) I have a picture in my head of what I want to do, it may not look anything like it when I finish but it's a start ;)

  7. Jo, do we need to stick to cotton quilting fabrics only, or can we incorporate other fabrics (like silk)?

    I'm a bit excited about this now...

    And is there a deadline for getting our squares ready/ sent to you?

    Do you have any "rules" other than 6" square?

    Questions, questions...


  8. ooh Lizzie you're so excited. There is a letter I'm writing with extra instructions to go out to each person. But surfice to say I'm suggesting sticking to cotton, there are no rules as such and I haven't decided on a deadline as I'm not sure how long some people would like.
    Jo xxx

  9. How very very generous of the shop owners..people can be so kind, can't they?

  10. Love your idea Jo, I love how quilters get together and make such lovely projects and for you to organize this is so thoughtful :) I look forward to hearing more as you all progress.

  11. What great generosity of heart from you and them: a wonderful project ...

  12. Gorgeous idea and what wonderful fabrics! I love that they are so vibrant and yet so pretty.


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