Sunday 14 October 2012

Team Teal Quilting Bee.

Hello everyone and a happy Sunday to you all. I hope you are keeping well. So last night I couldn't sleep, night duty seems to have messed up my circadian rhythms. Anyway I have been wracking my brains trying to come up with an idea for something to celebrate Marti's life and to support Deb and her whole family. If you haven't read my ten on the tenth here is the link. So here is my idea.

A Team Teal Quilting Bee.

One of my favourite films is called ''How to make an American Quilt'' and charts the story of a group of women of varying ages who have come together to make a Wedding quilt for the central character played by Winona Ryder. As they make this quilt, they share stories of their lives and make a personal story from their own square of fabric. It is wonderful story and I think a wonderful idea. As a group of women across the world, Team Teal have worked to support Marti, Deb and their family. What better way to celebrate a life than to make something which I hope will celebrate what Deb set out to achieve but also to raise awareness of Ovarian cancer.

''Quilting was often a communal activity, involving women and girls in a family, or in a larger community. The tops were prepared in advance, and a "quilting bee" was arranged, during which the actual quilting was completed by multiple people''

So these are the details.................

  • You do not have to be a member of Team Teal to take part. I think this important as we are a smallish team and it would be wonderful to have as many people as possible taking part.
  • Each participant will make one square. Size of the square to be 6 inches square.
  • The square can be of any quilting design you like. The beauty of a quilt is it's diversity.
  • Each square can be a combination of colours, however I will provide some Teal material to each participant which needs to be used in the square to remind us of why we are making the quilt.
  • You can be as inventive with your square as you like. Use embroidery, applique or just keep it simple and sign your name on the front of the square either by stitching it or with an indelible pen.
  • I will be coordinating all the squares and will have the task of putting all the squares together to make the final quilt.

If you would like to take part, then please contact me at josowerby{at]yahoo{dot]co[dot]uk and leave me your name and address.

 The second part involves raising money for charity. I have chosen the UK charity Ovarian Cancer Action.

The charity started life as the Helene Harris Memorial Trust almost 20 years ago.  It was instigated by John Harris CBE in dedication to his wife who died from the disease.  John Harris established the Trust in order to forge collaboration between international scientists to further understanding of the disease.   Ovarian Cancer Action evolved from the Helene Harris Memorial Trust in 2006 with Helene Harris’ daughter Allyson Kaye at the helm.   Ovarian Cancer Action was born in recognition of the urgent need to fund research in the UK that was focused on bringing better treatment options to women.

I believe that if we can come together and support this charity in Marti's name we will keeping her legacy alive. I have set up a Just Giving page which anyone can donate to and this money goes directly to the charity not me so is completely safe. Please don't feel any pressure to donate, but if you that would be fabulous.

I would love to hear from you, whether you wish to be part of my quilting bee or make a donation or simply give me some friendly support. I will keep you all up to date on how I get on as this project progresses. Thank you all in advance for your support.


  1. Jo, what a wonderful idea. I've never quilted before but I would love to be involved so now is the time for me to start! Thank you for doing this xx

  2. I've done patchwork before but never proper quilting but would love to be included. Will email you my details later.

  3. What a wonderful idea Jo. I would love to be involved xx

  4. Jo this is a superb idea - I am not sure if I am qualified to contribute though, I may leave it to those more fabric oriented.

  5. What a great idea, I'm in for sure

  6. It's a wonderful idea! I've never done any quilting either - but if you are prepared to offer some tips I might be able to give it a go?

  7. I also have never quilted but if 6 year olds can figure out a square I am sure we can :) A beautiful idea, please send me some teal fabric. I am donating to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition here in the States.

  8. What a great idea Jo! I have never quilted before but would love to be involved...I'm sure there's a tutorial on you tube! Count me in please
    Alison xx

  9. You can count me in! I'll send you my info. I have donated to NOCC here in the States in Marti's name.

  10. I wouldn't mind a "go" at the quilting square, Jo. Have made patchwork, but never a quilt... Were you planning on doing the "quilting" bit, or do you need us to back and line the squares ourselves?
    Perhaps you might be able to give us a post with a few hints & tips / more info (pretty please)?

  11. this is such a worthy idea and wonderful of you to coordinate it! another non patchwork/quilter here!


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