Sunday 13 January 2013

Glitter Girl 2013 Challenge 1 - title.

Hi everyone and sorry this a day late but I worked Friday night and only had 3 hours sleep yesterday so felt like a vegetable. So here is the first challenge from Glitter girl this year. I decided to try and do every challenge because I have loads of photographs to scrap and I would end up with 52, yes 52 layouts at the end of the year if I didn't do any others.

Here is the video Glitter girl produced this week, they go live on Two Peas in a Bucket every Wednesday and On Glitter girl's friend Shimelle Laine's blog as well.

I decided just to do a single page layout as I had 2 photos in mind of my friend's cat. I decided to use mainly scraps of paper I have been keeping in a basket, a couple of 12 x 12 papers I liked and some stickers, washi tape and a transparency shape and letter stickers of course.

And here is the result, I made a collage so you don't have to go through pages of photos................

The big 12 x 12 paper is by Paislee Press Lily Bee Three little birds, the other paper I had a strip on was from Prima Marketing and is Skyward from their Madeline collection. The sun sticker is from an Echo Park sticker sheet called springtime, the others are by Jenni Bowlin and Crate Paper. The washi tape is called Camera and is from this Etsy shop.

The journalling reads:

''When Louise decided to get a cat, we all knew it would be something rather special. 
And he is - a Bengal cat called ''Boo''. I asked her one day where he got his name and she replied ''From Monster's Inc. of course!''

If you have never seen the film it is about monsters and a little toddler girl who escapes from her world into theirs. She can play ''Peek-a-boo'' so gets called Boo and she loves a big blue fluffy monster who she thinks is a cat hence she calls him Kitty.


  1. Good work, Jo :) And I love the idea of following the challenge each week, great way of tackling the photo mountain!

  2. Love the colours you've chosen, they're really cheery on this cold day.

  3. Thanx guys for ur input. I did choose the colours for that reason Fay xxx

  4. Yes, the fresh spring colours feel like a tonic here today in our darkness. It's lovely!

    TSO came home from shopping with a Sully she had found cheap in the sales on Saturday. He was lying on the floor in the shop, looking up at her and she couldn't resist

  5. Love your kitty layout!Its totally adorable.

  6. That lovely zingy combination of fresh green and yellow has cheered up my monochrome world this evening - thank-you!


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