Monday 21 January 2013

Glitter Girl challenge and a catch-up

Hi everyone and welcome back ME. Life has had a rather busy sting of late so all my lovely blog plans went slightly out the window and into the snow. Yeah it SNOWED! Did you notice?

Anyhow, I am now back and managed to do this week's Glitter girl challenge. This week was all about colour and how to use patterned papers when you've got a photo with loads of colour. I actually had a photo with a big colour of grey and so used that as my starting point. It's a collage I did when I made lil sis's 40th birthday album. I got some small pictures on it which I thought I would use at a later date and it felt just right for this challenge.

So here is my layout......................

The picture is about 8 x 6 from Boots and I loved all the little images. Because the predominant colour was grey I felt I could go with quite bright patterned papers and went for a bright floral design and then added in some accents of pink, red, yellow, blue to highlight colours with in the collage pictures themselves.

Although you can't really tell, the thickers are black glittery letters which I felt was good for a birthday/celebration layout.

If you want to see Glitter Girl's video you can watch it below..........

Also it Snowed and South Horrington looked like Narnia. Willow being the cat she is went out playing and I caught her for another layout.............

I am a little behind with Project Life because of life events but I sat down and watched some online TV the other day and made a load of card inserts of the right size ready to get it organised. One of the things I have decided to do is add in my Project 365 photographs each week as a collage which is really easy to produce using Picassa.

Here are my collages for weeks 1 and 2.................

I'll be back to explain the week 2 and week 3 choices probably tomorrow. Picassa is really great for screen captures too.

Anyway hope you are all safe and warm wherever you live and I am counting the weeks down to our bloggers meetup in March.


  1. Love your LO, the collage of photos is great.

    Willow looks amazing against the snow, like some arctic fox!

  2. The layout looks great Jo. The patterned papers went really well with the gray.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous layout Jo. & Willow looks beautiful against the snow, I bet she's lovely to cuddle after you get inside.

  4. It's a fab layout Jo - I love the look of the dark alphas against the pink. It pops!

  5. I can't even begin to imagine my cat in the snow!


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