Sunday, 6 January 2013

The Blog plan

So after planning what I would like to do over the coming year, I have organised a plan for blog posts as well. Hopefully this will not only help me stick to my goals but also encourage me to keep up-to-date with blogging too.

I have kept the Book and Ravelry challenges fairly fluid so that I can pick a good day to post about those. The Glitter Girl postings will be following on from the video's she posts on Wednesdays and I am aiming to use some of the things she suggests in a LO or something else crafty. I will be continuing on with 10 on the 10th and of course Storytelling Sunday.

Hope this helps you to see where I am going and I hope to see you popping over for a little check-in for the posts which interest you.


  1. Looks fairly manageable, but v. nice. Very organised of you though!
    But don't beat yourself up if Life gets in the way and you miss one sometimes...

  2. I pop by all the time, even if I don't always comment. Sounds like a wonderful plan.


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