Thursday 11 April 2013

Granny squares in abundance x

Hello Thursday and welcome to a crochet inspired post today. The other week I discovered that my neighbours were expecting a baby, in like three weeks! I pondered what I could do for a personalised present and decided on a granny square pram blanket. I had seen a pattern in a magazine so I set off to get my wool organised.

The pattern called for super chunky wool but the colours described in the magazine didn't exist in the wool brand they said they had used so I went to  my local wool emporium where we decided to use a neutral super chunky wool by Wendy along with some wonderfully colourful shades in a slightly sifter wool called Big Softie Super chunky by Sirdar.

So I am all set with my size 6mm hook and off I go to crochet my blanket. Hang on, though why do these squares not workout? It didn't matter how many times I tried making the squares described in the magazine, they didn't come out right at all. I would end up with too many stitches left to do compared to the pattern. So I emailed them and asked what was going wrong. No reply, so in desperation and annoyance I unpicked everything I'd made so far and found a different Granny square pattern in this Nicky Trench book.

Heave a HUGE sigh of relief because these squares are turning out perfectly. Hurrah. The design uses only double and treble crochets and the main colour is cream and I add in the colours I have chosen to make the colourful squares. I've chosen bright colours specifically because babies like primary colours but also because it is then gender neutral. I have blue, yellow, orange, chilli, red, purples, green and a paler blue. So far I've made 12 pretty squares and sewn in the ends. Time consuming but look pretty woollen confetti...................

 some of this will find it's way into Project life I'm sure x

The squares are shaping up nicely and now I need to make the final ones, crochet them together and add the border.

The other crochet pieces I've started are a granny square blanket which you just change colours each round and increases each round until you reach you desired size. Also some jam jar covers for my craft room. All these are made in Rico Creative cotton yarn which comes in lovely bright and spring tones.

So what are you making at the moment?


  1. LOVE them Jo! Crochet blankets are the best and they grow so quickly too. I love granny squares, though I have also made a ripple blanket, they are really quite easy too :) xx

  2. What a gorgeous pressie that is going to be,Jo.
    By the way....the felt was acrylic, not wool, but still a great price....and perfect for my little felt ornaments.

  3. I'm so jealous as I can't crochet, but I'll keep trying. This will be so much appreciated

  4. I love that Nicky Trench pattern, have tried a few of those squares myself. Your blanket's going to be a treasured present

  5. So beautiful. I wish I could crochet. You are very talented!!

  6. Fun colours, Jo! It's going to be a welcome gift and the baby will love it too.
    Could your pattern, perhaps, be a US pattern? They use different terms for their "stitches", so if it says "triple" or "double" crochet, it may not actually be that at all... Just a thought. I did have a conversion chart somewhere at home - I'll try and find it for you, but you may find something if you try Google...
    Do show us the finished blanket? It's going to be fab! x

  7. I really should try crocheting again...just can't get the hang off it at the colours you've used, Jo!
    Alison xx


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