Wednesday 10 April 2013

Look Up, Look Down - April.

Good morning everybody and what a fabulous sunny Wednesday it is here in Somerset. I have never taken part in Helena's project but have read alot of blogs who take part. So this is my first photo post for Helena's project. Enjoy.

I randomly decided to go to the seaside at the weekend and so the pictures come from there.

When you get to this place you have to walk down very steep hill but it is worth it because when you look down you see this..............

On the way further down the hill you look up and see this beautifully designed weather vane............

If you walk down the streets by the harbour and look upwards, all the lights are designed like this, the shape of ammonites...................

Looking down by the sea you can see my funny feet and the foam from the waves.................

You also see lots of these beautiful sand castles, I used to love making these and would have made some myself but I no longer have a bucket or spade :(........

These birds make a terrible racket but when you look up on the harbour wall it's like they're guarding the boats and they look quite beautiful...............

I hope you have enjoyed our little seaside stroll today. My shadow and I had a wonderful time.


  1. I'm guessing the sea was too chilly to discard the shoes and socks and go for a paddle then!
    I do love the seaside, even in winter, if you are wrapped up warm, there's something about breathing in sea air. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of your day out!

  2. It was lovely I think I could smell the sea just looking. You'll have to get a new bucket and spade..preferably a tin bucket with a picture on if you can find one :)

  3. Hi Jo, lovely to see you joining in. and I love the idea of a random visit to the sea - great photos

  4. What a lovely collection of up/down photos! I always love to see scenery that looks so different from where I live.

  5. Oh, I am full of envy for such a lovely experience! You have really brought I to life for me with your splendid pairings. :).

  6. What a great bunch of images looking up and down. So glad you joined the meme.

  7. Lovely pics must get a new bucket and spade soon!
    Alison xx

  8. What a lovely spontaneous day.

  9. What a great bunch of pictures Jo. I really like those lights - perfect for seaside.


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