Tuesday 23 April 2013

National Stationary Week x

Hello everyone and welcome to today's post which is all to do with National Stationary Week.

The idea is to get everyone writing letters. I for one wrote a letter today. But you could just buy some new paper, vote for your fave paper shop or buy a pen. If you are on Twitter then you could win a £500.00 hamper just by tweeting your favourite writing implements.

There are loads of crafters joining in on their blogs. My favourite local stationary designer Becky from Dots and Spots is doing a great giveaway of her stationary here.

Lizzie is doing a giveaway of some of her beautiful hand bound notebooks. They are all lovely and her binding is beautiful.

Sian has blogged about her creativity in making some letters and cards.

Will you be writing a letter to someone special this week?


  1. Yes, I will definitely be writing some letters this week :)

  2. Thanks for including meee!! X
    I have already written a couple of letters this week... I will try to write more!
    I'm also looking out for some fab stationery products to post about on my facebook page.

  3. Yes I will be making up a parcel for a special friend of mine as she heads back to uni!

  4. Do you know, I think I will

  5. Interesting. I think I'll send some cards out this week. Does that count?

  6. This had completely passed me by until I read your and Sian's lovely posts - and I am glad to be reminded. There are plenty of letters to write!


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