Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Look up, look down x

Today I am joining in again with Helena's photography posts ''Look up, Look down''.

Spring seems to have finally arrived here in Somerset and the many trees and flowers are blooming beautifully here as I walked around the hospital.

If you looked down in the flower borders you's spy these beautiful blue Anemones.....

If you look up you might spy some beautiful pink blossom just coming into bloom.

In the pond if you look down you can spot the mama and papa fishes alongside the baby fishes enjoying the warmer weather and water.


If you look up you might be able to see the tiny little bumble bee collecting nectar to take back to the hive

And if you look down you would see the lawns which have been dug up by the badgers looking for these rather yummy looking treats

What would I see if I walked around your garden?


  1. I have some lovely anemones too but the trees are not blooming yet. I have a wonderful carpet of grape hyacinth

  2. Nothing quite as nice as this collection! Some planters which have seen better days and a trampoline with a hole in it. But we're hoping to get out and tidy at the weekend

  3. Some crocus with the heads bitten off by the rabbits (we don't have rabbits - these are wild (?) ones and daffodils. That's all that looks springlike so far - oh and the Lenten Rose. We have to get out there this weekend and clean up the gardens and it looks like do the first mowing of the year.

  4. Such a lovely collection to prove that Spring is finally here!! You'd certainly see a lot of new growth in my garden at the moment.

  5. So pretty! I love seeing all the spring time scenes up and down on various blogs.


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