Tuesday, 16 April 2013

''The oldest blogger alive......................'' x

Or as my friend would say Zelda from some random show way back when he had hair and his youth!

yep apparently I look that old!!!!

 Anyway today is a special day for me because I have reached the grand old age of 500. Yes you did read that right, I am 500 and I feel I'm looking rather good for my age. The Oil of Olay is definately doing the trick.

Oh, ok, not really 500 in years but far more importantly 500 in post number. I have now been blogging for 5 years and have managed to get to the first 500th post of this blog's history. So what should we do to mark this auspicious occassion? Well I for one am doing something dead exciting and visiting my psychiatrist. She's very lovely and it's quite appropriate as I started this blog at about the same time I started seeing her. She's very perceptive, highly professional and a great doctor. So yay for my Psychiatrist she is awesome.

Anyway after that I might invite my blog readers around for a cup of tea and some yummy and very naughty cakes and tell them some weird 500 facts:

500 is a Harshad number - please do not ask me to explain that as my maths is rubbish, sorry.

500 is an html code for internal service error

£500 is known as a Monkey.

500 is an American card game

A festival originating in Devon but most recently held in Shoreditch to celebrate art and creativity.

''500 miles'' is the title of a fave song by The Proclaimers.

While we were enjoying tea and cake, I would tell you all how much I have loved coming here and writing my posts and trying to think of interesting subjects to talk about. That this blog has been like therapy on occasions when my brain has been far too addled to even think straight and that the friendships I have made here have been integral to my recovery. I would tell you how I have learned so much about what does and doesn't work, how reading other blogs has inspired me to be better, how even though I've been blogging for 5 years it seems like only yesterday. I would give a big thank you to you all for coming over and reading and especially taking the time to write comments everytime. I would say how amazing my readers are and how they make me smile. I would also say a big thanx to that amazing scrapbooker and class developer Shimelle Laine who during her class ''Blogging for scrapbookers'' instilled a greater understanding about blogging and what it could achieve.You can do this class online in your own time plus there is a sequel too called ''Beyond blogging for scrapbookers'' I also completed.

Oh and I nearly forgot. As an enormous thank you I am going to do a little giveaway. I'm going to give one commentator the chance to win a copy of this great book which gives some brilliant ideas on taking better pictures

All you have to do is leave me a comment about why you came here in the first place and maybe why you stayed. It's just for my own personal interest really. I will pull a name out of the hat on the last day of April so you have oodles of time. Good luck

We might even have some non-alcoholic bubbles cos I can't drink and toast to the next 500 which I do hope won't take quite as long to achieve. 


  1. Blimey, is that what we are all going to end up looking like when we have been blogging for about 100 years?

    Many congrats Jo: 500 posts is a fine achievement and I wish you many many more! How did I first land here? through the blogging class..I think you said something about 80's music in that first post I read, and I thought now there's a girl after my own heart!

    That's a brilliant book: I have a well thumbed copy here, and I hope you get lots of entrants

  2. Congrats on 500! Love all the little interesting bits about 500. I first started coming here when we took the Blogging class with Shimelle.

  3. I'd better keep using the Oil of Olay then!

    Congratulations Jo - I also got to know you through Shimelle's class and I have always enjoyed visiting you. I particularly enjoyed your art posts way back when, your history of the british health sytem and nursing and I always love your thoughtful comments on my blog .... and your reminiscing of a trip Down Under years ago.

    Here's to many more wonderful posts!

  4. Many congrats,Jo....do you know....I can't actually remember if I came to your blog from Shimelle's class....or via one of the other bloggers who had taken her class....it does amaze me how many of the blogs that I follow originated in that class though.

  5. Congratulations Jo :)
    I initially came to your blog as I was going to meet you at the Bloggers meet up at ironbridge & wanted to get to know you a lil better before then (in other words to be nosey at who I was meeting :D
    I stayed because you produce such beautiful items, and present everything in such a jolly way.

    Oh, & I came here today coz I saw a photo of a wrinkley old man (I thought it was a woman) that I swear I can remember from my childhood but cannot for the life of me remember where from.

  6. oooh well done Jo!! I can't remember either exactly how I started following you either via Shimelle or via someone elses blog but have enjoyed sharing in your life and craftiness xxx

  7. I came here via Shimelle and you soon became part of my list of favourite blogs. I love the variety of topics you blog about, your creativity and the way how you share the good and the bad bits of life. It's a very honest blog and I'm looking forward to the next 500 posts!

  8. Congrats Jo! I have been absent from the blog scene but I have you as a friend on F/Book :-) I think we met via Shimelle too. I hope to start my blog again soon xx

  9. Congratulations! I"m sure I first came here as part of Shimelle's class, and I stayed because, well, we're all part of the same community. Here's to many more blog posts and visits.

  10. Congratulations, boy the way I blog, I really will be 500 years old before I get to my 500th blog post lol. I'm pretty sure I must have found you through Shimelles blogging class

  11. Yay 500 Congratulations to You! That's great Jo - 500 posts... I'm still in the 300's...

    I love the way you've written this celebration post - such fun. And I wouldn't mind a chance to win your prize book - I could do with more photo-taking advice, for sure!

    Nice to see you visiting at my blog too. The crochet squares are a Special Project, which I will blog about as soon as I am finished.
    Now I must go and find where you've blogged about your crochet project that is "all the colours of the rainbow" - I love rainbows!

  12. Congratulations and your blog looks so clean and fresh and new. I came here originally after I met you in Coalport. Must look up that number thing - DD loves all things like that.

  13. WOW 500 - amazing! I had to Google Harshad numbers as I'd never heard of them, but loved that the name means "joy-giver" - gotta love a number-lover!

    I'd seen you in BFS (the re-run I think as I wasn't in the original group), then added you to my reader after the Bloggers' Weekend.

  14. I'm not that far off my 500th birthday either Jo! I love reading about your real life and your lovely creations x


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