Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Look up, look down x

Hello and welcome to another week of Look up, look down. This week has been a funny old week what with one thing and another and there hasn't been as much up and down photography, however two pictures stand out.

If you look down in my flat at the moment you will not see this young lady.

That is because she is currently enjoying a brief sojourn at my parent's house. This means she gets extra pampering, can kamikaze jump into the pond, run around the fields after mice and get fed very expensive cat food. All that will change tomorrow when she returns to normal life where what she eats is dictated by mummy's purse. Oh well, she can dream of Whiskas I suppose.

If you look down at my hand, you might still catch a glimpse of the silver cross they marked me with at The Feeling gig last Friday, yes I have had a wash I just haven't scrubbed as much as I might. You might also see a massive bruise from when the nurse took my blood on Monday. This was not her fault, I have terrible veins, they're all spindly and when a needle goes in them, they sound a hasty retreat. It took 2 attempts and she had to resort to the old fashioned syringe and butterfly. Oh well, at least I don't have to have that done again for a while..................I hope.


  1. Both of your photos certainly evoke strong memories.

  2. Oh yes they do Rinda - I too have dodgy veins ... glucose testing while pregnant was not fun!

  3. I'm sure that little lady is looking forward to coming home. Holidays are always wonderful, but there is no place like home :)

  4. Oh, your poor skin! Hope it recovers soon ... And that her Ladyship does not have ideas above her station other return!


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