Wednesday 8 May 2013

Look up, look down x

Hello and welcome to another post for Helena's meme Look up, look down. On Sunday I met with my dear friends Teresa and Max with their sons at Old Wardour Castle for a picnic and family fun. It was a wonderful place, and the weather wasn't bad either. There was plenty to explore and lots of fun things for the boys.

Before we explore though there was the matter of some belated Christmas and birthday present opening so when I looked down I saw my presents ready to be unwrapped............

Once in the castle ruins, when you looked up you could see the holes where the wooden ceiling posts would have fitted....................

When you looked down, you would see the 4 foot thick stone walls which would have stood.............

If you looked up again you might see the detailed ornamentation around some of the doors and windows.............

You might also spy two handsome boys heads sticking up through the fireplace..............

If you went into the gatehouse and looked up you would see some beautiful stained glass windows..............

And at the end of the day, if you were the camera looking up and the friends looking down, you might just have got this fabulously silly shot................


  1. LOVE the last shot! What a fabulous idea and really, it could be both up and down!

  2. Great pictures Jo. Love that last one. It reminds me of one we have that I must dig out.

  3. looks a fun day out and love all the details you captured

  4. Brilliant final shot after a great round up of a fun day out. Those parcels look very inviting..

  5. great photos Jo - looked like you had lots of fun & the last one is such a fab shot!

  6. That last one is brilliant!

  7. I like this little series and am intrigued about your gift!

  8. That last shot is beyond perfect :) just love it

  9. Sorry I'm so late to getting around. I LOVE tha last photo!


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