Thursday, 27 June 2013

Everything stops for tea ~ June xx

Hello and welcome to another episode of Abi's tea and visits to our homes. So do come in and let's catch-up.

Would you like a cup of Earl Grey, Red Bush or common and garden Tetley? Do help yourself to a piece of Passion cake, yes I made it and it is very yummy. Have a fork though as it is not a clean cake to eat.

So how have you been since we last met? I hope you have been well and enjoying some sunshine and fun activities. Me? Well I have done some lovely things thank you for asking. The other week my friend and I went to Brighton to see a play and on the way we stopped in Storrington where I spent my teenage years. This is my old house and it hasn't changed at all. I wonder if the Holly Hobby wallpaper is still on the walls of the Dormer room which was my sisters? One of our cats is buried in the back garden.

We used to play in this field, we had a den in those trees and if you walk down into the fields I would get to my friend Dawn's house and the farm. I once studied a hedgerow in this field for  school project.

Once we got to Brighton Alan took me to a wonderful cake shop where they have the pinkest meringues and the most delicious hot chocolate...............look at the size of those marshmallows.

I would tell you that this play is the first one I have seen since I went to the Theatre Royal to see ''Another Country'' in the 1980s. I would tell you that although the play came first, Alan and I fell in love the film but the play was even better as it filled out the missing elements of the story which sometimes films do. It was supurbly acted and will be available to watch online next month as part of a program of digital theatre. How clever.

We might go outsdie and sit in the sun or shade just like Willow, she does love to watch the world going by.

I would tell you about my friend Ronnie who is now not just my #friend as in cyber friend, but my proper friend and that is something to celebrate. He lives in the USA and is pretty famous out there so it is amazing to have made a friend who I never expected in a million years to make.

the above picture is one I borrowed from Shawn Adeli who took it, hope that's ok x

I would tell you his anti-bullying campaign has now gone live and is progressing from a dream into the realities of photographic mayhem across the US and there will be a big gala concert next month. I would tell you that I try to send the team positive emails, tweets and post as often as I can because it's hard work struggling to raise funds and enthusiasm for something like this, but I have faith they will succeed.

I would tell you that while you are reading this I am making a solo journey to meet up with some friends I haven't seen for about 14 years and how I'm hoping to go back to where this all started.

When you come to leave I would say to drive carefully and avoid Pilton as Glastonbury Festival is starting and the roads may be busy. If the wind is in the right direction on Sunday I hope to listen to Rufus Wainwright performing in the garden while I read.


  1. Gosh, so much to chat over Jo. Glad you enjoyed the play and that hot chocolate looks fantastic! Very tempting. Thank you so much for joining in with me. I have added your post to the linky!

  2. That hot chocolate and meringues look really good. It was so nice stopping by to visit with you.

  3. Oh wow, those meringues look amazing! It was great to 'meet up' and catch up on your month. I have been noticing your 'friend' tweets and am pleased that the project is being successful out there.
    My son's girlfriend has flown down from Edinburgh to work at Glastonbury this week, she does part time work with an events company, she was hoping for not too much mud this year!

  4. That hot chocolate looks fantastic Jo! I think I might just have to go to the kitchen now and make my own! Yum!

    Hope you have a fab time meeting up with your friends :)

  5. What a great tea time this was, Jo. Thanks for having me. :o) Wow - those meringues look amazing (I've never had one before...probably should have done that while I was in England, eh?) and that hot chocolate looks really yummy too!

    Safe travels and I hope you have a fantastic time with your friends! xo

  6. Wow thanks for sharing Jo, great tea post! That hot chocolate and the meringues look absolutely AMAZING! Things have been so busy, hence my lack of comments, but am on my summer holidays from school now so looking forward to catching up on blogs! xxx

  7. I do hope you get to hear the music on Sunday. The hot chocolate looks devine, I love marshmallows too. Just popped over from Abi's, nice to catch up thanks for the tea

  8. Nice to chat with you. I'll be sharing cappuccino on Monday. I admire the work you're doing with the antibullying campaign.

  9. Hoping your sterling work on the anti-bullying campaign goes from strength to strength, and that all your journeying is safe and productive. Wow, those meringues are beautifully photographed - good enough to eat!


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