Saturday, 29 June 2013

Look up, look down x

The other evening I went for a little sojourn around the estate and here are the results, rather more downs than up this week. So if I looked down at the beginning of my walk I would have seen Stanley my friends' cat. He is beautiful and has 3 legs but he is in love with Willow so he's alright.

Further round we met Frosty another beautiful cat but slightly more scary as he looks gorgeous but will bite your hand off if you touch him. Beware!

Looking up you can see the buildings reflected in the mirror on the wall..............

Looking up you can see the buds of the Yukka plants about to bloom..................

and the sun setting..........................

If you look down through the grass, you can see the children playing cricket at the front of the hospital........

and if you look up you will see this strange folly which is in fact a steam release chimney for the boilers underneath................

and once home you will see a very tired cat who followed me around to make sure I got home safely. Awww xx


  1. looks a great walk and love that your cat went with you

  2. I enjoyed walking along - great snaps.

  3. Lovely photos Jo. I especially like that cricket one.

  4. I love all the cats. I'll be having a doggy up/down next week.

  5. What a truly unique looking chimney. The mirror on the wall makes me wonder why it's there.


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