Sunday, 30 June 2013

My month in numbers: June x

Happy Sunday everyone and today being the last day of the month, I am again joining in with Julie Kirk's fantastic Month in numbers meme. I had to recount the numbers several times while adding up because several things changed numerous times during June.

I loved Julie's list of how many hours of programmes she's watched last month so I did a similar add up.
In total I watched 12 hours of ''TV'' but mostly online as I don't watch normal TV anymore. Of this  there were :

Hannibal 3 hours. This is a US show based on the early career of Hannibal Lector before the book ''Red Dragon'' and after the film ''Hannibal Rising''. It is currently on Sky. Then there was the inimitable
Marple = 2 hours and another online programme
Elementary = 6 hours which transplants Sherlock Holmes to modern day New York with a female Dr Watson. It actually works but not as good as good as ''Sherlock'', roll on season 3.

This month there 4 trips to the doctors and psychiatric nurses. One extra because I had been stopping one drug but began getting withdrawal symptoms so had to restart it for another month. Then my GP found I was anaemic so I am now also taking iron supplements. So yay for now taking 12 tablets per day.

This month I took a couple of long distance trips. One from Wells to Brighton via Southampton = 264.8 miles with my friend Alan to see ''Beautiful Thing'' which featured in a previous post.
The second was only yesterday when I came home from a visit to London to meet up with my old flatmates and other friends in Tower Hill who I met 29 years ago after leaving home. We haven't all been together for 16 years primarily because PJ now lives in Sydney. I used 4 modes of transport to get there: car, British Rail train, Underground and feet.

Again I've taken hundreds of photos but of these I've taken 9 for Rinda’s scavenger hunt and a couple more unprocessed ready to add to the folder to share here. 

Number of books read this month = 4 and just begun the next one for July. So far I've read 23 books out of my 50 book goal, not bad going.

I've also been Facebook chatting with my American friend Ronnie and found a fabulous map site where it works out how away you live from each other. We live  5371.754 miles apart, that is a LONG way away.

Oh and just in case you're not aware this weekend in my neck of the woods it is festival fever with Glastonbury in full swing. The other day I found the photograph below on the BBC and was most concerned that Julie wasn't getting her meme royalties, sadly the BBC do not feel they have broken any rules by pinching her fabulous idea by not giving her the credit. I leave you to decide their fate ;) x

Hope you've enjoyed this fun exploration of my month.


  1. Some brilliant numbers there Jo, looking forward to your scavenger photos x

  2. Jo, we are totally TV Twins! We watch all the same programmes. I do love a good murder mystery! Can't wait for Sherlock to return - that ending of the last series was brilliant.
    You've come up with some great numbers this month. I wonder what the 'Communal Count' next month will have us recording?!

  3. Great entertaining post..and here's to those iron tablets doing the trick! Maybe your Hb will be a higher number next month

    1. It's actually not the Hb but the Ferratin which is causing consternation so hopefully yep,
      Jo xxxx

  4. Gosh, you are covering some miles in actuality and virtually :). Hoping the tablet taking is helpful and you feel renewed energy soon ...

  5. Wow! Brilliant numbers Jo, I love Elementary too! :)

  6. Ooh - I almost missed you - I just noticed in the comments on my post that you mentioned your own post - I didn't spot it earlier. [Maybe link me up next time - so I can't miss you!]

    I seem to have settled on a 4 book per month stride myself - and you're well on your way to reaching your reading goal. Especially if you choose short books! [I am tempted to count the number of *pages* I read one month - rather than books. I read some big old books!]

    You've certainly been putting in the effort [and miles] to keep friendship bonds alive too.

    I've added your post to the board now Jo:

    Happy July.

    Julie :-)

    p.s: The questions for the 1st 'Communal Count' are up on my blog too if you want to join in with that

    1. I will and yes I have seen the communal count and am keeping tabs
      Jo xxx

  7. I love your numbers Jo, it's nice to see someone else document the ridiculous amount of tablets in their life. Great images too especially the maps and the Glastonbury stats.
    Lovely blog.

    1. Thank you so much it is always lovely to hear other people's opinions,
      Jo xxx

  8. Great read... I love to count miles and distances too. Love how you've included maps in your post. I'll have to remember that :)


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