Monday 8 July 2013

Break it down week 3 x

Hello and welcome to the third layout I have completed for Shimelle's free class ''Break it Down'' over at UK Scrappers.

So week 3 brought with it a photographic challenge, namely to use a photograph on your layout of hands and to tell the story. Luckily, as part of Project 365 I had had some fun with my friends one day taking photographs of their hands in different shapes and so I found the one I had actually chosen for that day's challenge and used this as my inspiration.

The second part of this challenge was to try and scrapbook using just one colour. One colour. The only colours in the photograph are the wooden table and the skin of the hands but luckily my glamorous friend Lucy was wearing deep blue nail polish, so I went with blue. I didn't want to use dark colours so went for paler blue shades. We needed to choose 4 patterned papers, washi tape/s, embellishments and 2 types of letters for the layout. The third challenge was to use glimmer mists and stamping techniques on a separate piece of cardstock and then use a variety of circle punches to cut out circles to use on our layout. Again I did this with a teal glimmer mist and used some blue ink on the stamps. However I didn't actually use these pieces in the end and I will explain why in a moment.

Anyway here is my layout...................

I love the way all the different tones of blue have worked so well together, I haven't actually used a primarily monochrome colour hue before and I think it really looks great. It means that the primary focus of the layout remains the picture and none of the other elements seem to detract from that. I find this blue shade very calming and it draws your eyes into the layout.

Now about the embellishments. I tried, honestly I really tried to like the circular embellishment idea but I just didn't feel it worked for me. Perhaps if I'd chosen different stamps of a different ink colour it might have gelled better but I did try. What I did in the end was use some circular doilie stickers and a blue crocheted piece I found to place my embellishment clusters and work from there. I had layered the photograph onto two layers of card stock and then found a cream lace square from a packet of die cut squares which I cut in half to make the piece come across the full page. I then used my embellishment clusters to layer up a variety of sticker and some camera pieces I had found in my stash.

The fourth challenge was to use washi tape and twine/ribbon in the embellishments. I used 2 shades of washitand a pale blue twine. I twirled the twine around my finger and secured it with some strong double sided clear tape. I also added some cream roses, some butterflies cut from the spare paper pieces and then added some blue gems.

Ok so we were meant to stick with one colour but one of the patterned papers had small amount of pink in it and so I cheated slightly and added some very small hints of pink into the embellishments by using some pale pink gems, some pink stickers and some pink letter stickers. I actually like the extra bit of colour this brings but it doesn't detract away from the blue.

I then added in my journalling which basically explains that it was one of my friend's birthdays and as we were all together we thought we'd have fun taking the photographs then.

I hope you have found this an interesting insight into how I am working with this class and I will be back with more layouts for this class and for ''Find your voice'' later in the week.


  1. Love this layout Jo, I really like the quote 'these are my people' as well! The clustering and layering is so pretty! Sounds like a great class x

    1. I loved it too, it just so happened it came into my hand checking through my stash and it fitted perfectly.
      Jo xxx

  2. Lovely layout Jo. I love that little 'pop' of pink, it really adds to the page. You've added so many little bits of interest - love it!

  3. What I especially love about this page is that it manages to be so pretty and yet strong and powerful at the same time. That's clever

    1. coming from one of my inspirations that means alot xxx

  4. What an interesting challenge! I'd have a hard time using just one color, but you did a fabulous job! The layout is wonderful!

  5. Fab layout Jo, I love the use of one colour and your embellishment clusters look pretty too! :)


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