Thursday 11 July 2013

Look up, look down x

Hello and welcome to the weekly photographic meme ''Look up. Look down'' in association with Helena. I am really loving taking part in this adventure every week and so onto  today's photographic selection.

My friend Claire and I have jokingly discussed starting a Facebook fan site for the local cats and if you look up on the wall you will see the sleekest grey cat in our patch the inimitable Leo, isn't he beautiful?

If you looked down at my body while I was sitting outside you would have seen all manner of bugs and insects which seemed to find me pretty darn attractive. Must be my sunny disposition ha ha. This rather blurry creature was a brown ladybird, sadly he kept fidgeting hence the blur.

Again looking down you could clearly see the dappled shade of the trees which was a welcome sight because lo and behold a rather strange event has been taking place in Somerset and looking up you just might see this..................

Yes that incredible celestial body known as THE SUN has been making rather a wonderful appearance. For me it has provided a well needed lift in mood and enabled me to build up my natural defenses against depression without having to turn my S.A.D. lamp on again. It is a wonderful thing the sun and I am enjoying it a great deal.

I hope when you look up you can see it too x


  1. I love those last two together especially!

  2. I keep trying to photograph the ladybirds too but haven't managed a good shot yet

  3. I haven't spotted any ladybirds yet (pardon the pun!) but will keep looking. Isn't it great to feel the sun on your body! lets hope it lasts for a while so we can recharge our batteries fully ;-)

  4. I am enjoying the warm weather too. It really does lift the spirits to open the curtains and see the sun. Lovely photos Jo,


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