Saturday 20 July 2013

Currently x

Hello and I hope you are all enjoying the weekend weather. It's gone a  bit cloudy here but I'm hoping the sun will return later. Anyway, I am once again joining my friend Kristin's weekly meme ''Currently'' today. And here is what I am doing..........

I am superdupa happy because the BBC are showing reruns of series 2 of Sherlock and as we wait for series 3 this is the perfect excuse to try and figure out what the heck happened at the end of series 3 again. I was watching a hilarious skit Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch did for Comicon this week the other day. Benedict C playing with fluffy monkeys is the most hilarious thing ever.

This is the mandala I crocheted this week, so pretty in ice cream pastel shades, I love it. The pattern is from this month's Simply Crochet magazine. It is really easy and looks beautiful even if I do say so myself.

Ah The Princess Bride is one of my favourite films and I have had the book on my shelves for ages. It is just as funny and brilliant as the film and everytime I read a new page I laugh out loud. As ever my fave character is Inigo and if you have never seen the film, do watch it he has the best lines ever.

Scrapbooking. Well since finishing ''Break it down'' I have scrapbooking away nearly every night. I have completed several of Shimelle's sketch to scrapbook pages which I will share with you but last night I found this oldish picture of my friend Luke and made this page. The whole page came together based around a quote label I found........

here is the quote label. The colours, style and everything I wrote in my journalling came together really quickly and I really love it.

So what are you currently doing?


  1. I have that mandala on my todo list too - yours looks great. I made the one from edition 5 of the magazine and really enjoyed making it. Not sure what to 'do' with them though !!

  2. Right now I am just happy reading how happy you are! That is such a nicely put together page - love your lettering


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