Tuesday 23 July 2013

Rinda's Scavenger hunt update x

Hello and welcome to another scavenger hunt update in association with Rinda of Gallo Organico. Each summer she sets us a photographic hunt of pictures we need to take and share. I have done this for the past 2 years and love it. It is fun and also makes me think. So far I'm doing pretty well and here are my latest finds.......

We needed to find a police car and I found one sitting outside my local train station on my way to London. This is my police van normally I would have got our local police in the market square which if you've ever watched Hot Fuzz is where the guys sit in their car eating cornettos but this was way easier......

We also had to get some fences and again these were for the Glasto arrivees, we do so love herding in Somerset........

A sunset at my parents the other night...............

These are some benches around the gardens where I live....................

Next some clouds in shapes, well don't laugh my brain sees these images but can you?

You can see the handlebars top left and the sort of wheels bottom right

The horses head is to the right of the leaves with the legs below.................oh who am I kidding but I CAN see it

and here is my windmill along with another beautiful sunset. This is a lone wind turbine on the Mendips and means I'm nearly home when driving from Bristol.

So I hope you are also having fun finding your photos I've seen loads around the net recently x


  1. Your motorbike looks like a tiger's face to me with the 'wheels' looking like the parts just under its nose! Funny what we each see. :-)

  2. My first thought for the last cloud was a horse so I can see what you see too!

  3. Your sunsets are just beautiful Jo and I can see that horse too.

  4. Jo, your sunsets are glorious, in fact, any countryside local to you that you show us is always glorious!

  5. Your cloud explanations made me smile! And I love that second bench. Great sunsets and a lovely wind mill.
    Great job!!!

  6. Great sunsets and yes, I can see the horse but not the motorbike or the cow :)


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