Friday, 12 July 2013

Find Your Voice Weeks 3: GOALS x

Hello and welcome to week 3 of Find your voice the class I am taking and contributing to in association with Kristin.

This weeks lesson was all about goals. Part of our homework was to look at the goals we wanted to create for our life, blogging, creativity and storytelling. These are the sheets I created. There are actually four of them, not because I have loads of goals but because I have a need to do pretty drawings in various colours when mind mapping.

I then did 2 of the creative activities. Firstly was to create something that made us happy. So I made this page for my album about 5 things that make me happy...........

My five happy things are music, reading, pink, creativity and friends. This page also makes me happy because it has my fave embellishment on it, the eponymous butterfly. What is a page without it and it also has bling. Yay for bling.

The second creative piece was to write a story about something which makes you happy, so I wrote this about my friends and meeting up with them again.


        This photo is not the best, it was taken with a friend’s mobile phone late at night, but no question it is one of the greatest photos ever. That is because it is not the quality of the photo but the people in it that are so important. If I told you it was the first time we had all been together in about 16 years you would understand.. If I also told you I have known these amazing people and called them friends for almost 29 years then the photo’s significance increases even more.

        In August 1984, I left home. My move to London to train as a nurse had been planned over the previous 2 years when we still lived in Sussex. However, all those plans altered when my dad’s job sent my family to Somerset the week before I left home and me to the East End a week after that. I had never been away from home for more than 2 weeks before that so to say it was a culture shock was an understatement. But on the first day, I met Penelope Jane, for ever after PJ to me. She had the room across the corridor from me and together with our other neighbour Naomi we became friends, nursing colleagues and eventually PJ and I were flatmates.

        In our final 18 months we moved, along with PJ’s then boyfriend Bob and her school friend Mari into Norman Grove and we became the ‘’Norman Grovies’’. We loved, laughed, cried, argued, lost, danced, drank but most of all we LIVED. Because of them I have very happy memories of their friendship, perhaps rose tinted at times but nevertheless happy. Because of them I learnt a lot about life (the good and bad), but in the main good. I am glad I did my training when and where I did because all these years later we can meet, reminisce about our youthful exploits and the intervening years. Despite the miles and for PJ continents apart we are, we are still friends and I hope we always will be.


 the writing all typed up on the page x

the photo I wrote about x


  1. Great job writing your story! I took the prompt a little differently. Not to write or create a page about something that made me happy but to create something that made me happy . . . and then explain why! Not sure I got it right now, but I did find the exercise very revealing. I already posted by craft project and my series of photos will go up on Sunday, I think.
    Love seeing where everyone is going with the prompts. The mind map didn't do as much for me as the other prompts.

  2. You seem to be really enjoying the finding your voice course, and the happiness just oozes out of that great page - I love the design, the colours, everything about it!


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