Saturday, 12 October 2013

Friend Movement week 1 x

So wow and congratulations to Ronnie Kroell and Elliot London for completing the first week of thier long walk from Chicago to New York City.

This is where they are in relation to New York and the rest of the USA................

This where they are close up almost 230 miles in ......................

So far they have posted several videos and loads of photographs from the road, including some rather scarey in the dark and very wet pictures in a rain storm. Not sure how they're holding up physically but they seem in pretty good emotional shape from their tweets/posts and emails.

So they started here in Chicago at a place locally called The Bean and began walking the first few miles of 921 in total.

Ronnie's jacket is zipped and Elliot is in the unzipped jacket x 

Every mile they are tying a purple ribbon in memory of someone who has been bullied and taken their own life. What has shocked me most are the gaes of the people who have died, one was as young as 12 years old. As someone who was bullied from that age, I feel grateful that I did not ever get to the stage where it made me not want to live anymore and I grieve for them and their families. Here are a few of the ribbons and names of those who have been remembered.

Courtney's ribbon

Josh's ribbon

Along the way Ronnie and Elliot have been meeting many pepole in local communities and sharing their story and have spent time in schools talking with chidlren about bullying.

There has been tragic news along the way. Another US father Joe Bell had been walking in memory of his son Jaden who had also died as a result of horrendous bullying and very sadly it was announced that he had been killed on the road this week. Not only have this family lost their son but now his father.

This video should give you an idea of there first few days too.


Right now Ronnie and Elliot are getting set to start their 8th day of walking so I wish them well on this day and only 29 to go, phew.

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  1. I am sure they will be heartened by the support of people like you around the world, Jo.


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