Friday 11 October 2013

Look up, look down x

Haven't done this in a while so thought I better had. Today is windy and drizzly so not ideal for a walk but I went anyway to see if it would blow the sad away but it didn't. But I saw some lovely things as I went.

If you looked up at just after 6pm last night you would have seen the clouds illuminated by the sunsetting. The fact it was beautiful was good, the fact that it's dark way too early is bad. Give it acouple of weeks and it'll be getting dark around now. Yuck.

If you looked down on my walk you'd have seen this minute spider's web nestling amongst this plant, I think it's  a sedum but I'm not sure. All the tiny raindrops were settling onto it and glistening.

If you looked up you would have seen the farmer driving his tractor across the field. One job that never stops for rain.

And yet another spiders web with the beautiful spider that designed it. Spiders are incredible creatures.

You would have also seen the raindrops on these leaves, perfect droplets.

And I'm sure a few birds will be happy to find these purple berries for a snack today.


  1. It looks like you have some beautiful places to go for a walk near you. A beautiful set of photos

  2. Jo, these photos are just stunning!

  3. fabulous light in the first one and great captures of raindrops - looks a lovely walk

  4. These photos are great. I love the colours in that first photo.

  5. You have a real eye for detail, Jo! And a dab hand with the macro. One of my favourites is the very top one with the beautiful brick washed in the evening light.


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