Wednesday 23 October 2013

Look up Look down x

So another week, another Look up and down moment with Helena. This weeks has a musical theme..............

If you looked up last night through the rain, you would have seen this poster and the excitement building to see this incredible show.................

If you'd looked down you'd have seen my ticket which was my second trip from my birthday gift from lil sister. I took her as my plus one as she has never seen Cats and loves dance and the theatre as much as me.

Somewhere in my craft room is another ticket for Cats but dated many years ago when I visited New York with my friend Louise. We bought half price tickets in Times Square to see Cats on Broadway and it was a wonderful night. Last night was just as wonderful, not only for the wonderful music, the extremely talented cast and the stories of all the different cats, but primarily because it was a night to share with my sister, whom I love dearly x


  1. What a lovely gift and an exciting occasion! And perfect to have had a much loved person to share it with. Get this one scrapped ASAP!

  2. lovely pair - I still haven't seen Cats - must remedy that!

  3. What a nice pairing this is!

  4. A great pair - love how you set up the look down. I saw Cats about 25 years ago in San Francisco!

  5. Great snaps to capture the memory!!


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