Wednesday 27 November 2013

Everything stops for tea x

Hey and welcome to another edition of Abi's meme where we are invited into our fellow bloggers homes for a lovely cuppa and a chat.

Today I welcome you to my slightly Arctic flat and so I thought instead of the usual plans to stay home, we'd walk into town and I could share some of my favourite sites as we catch-up. Ready to go. It's only a mile and such a lovely day. We'll wrap up warm and set off out of my flat, down across the cricket pitch and across to the footpath which skirts around the back of the main road right down to the Bishop's Palace and the Cathedral.

As we head off down the path we can stop and take silly pictures of our shadows, here's mine. I get so happy taking photographs that sometimes I forget how sensible I should be. I love the sunny days even when they are cold.

As it's been a bit drier, all the fallen leaves have got crispy again so we can relieve childhood fun by scuffing through the leaves. We would reminisce about our childhood pleasures such as jumping in puddles and feeding the ducks. We might just do that later on by the moat. We would laugh at the golfers putting away as we walk past of watch the boys play rugby on the school pitch and as we get nearer to town we would see the Cathedral come into view.

We may talk about the programme about the cathedral last week and how imposing a building it is on such a small place or how special it feels to worship there on Sundays. I would tell you how exciting it is at Christmas when the cathedral choir sings several concerts and how I am looking forward to going to sing carols this year. We might talk about what we have planned for Christmas and New Year.

Crossing the main road, we would enter the environs of the Bishop's Palace moat

We might stop and chat about what a beautiful garden is hidden behind those buildings and how lovely it all looks in the summer months.

Turning the corner we would see the moat fully and the view across to the cathedral. If we're lucky the swans and cygnets may be out today........

Oh yes, so they are. I would explain how one of the cygnets appears to have flown the nest after Daddy Swan started bullying him. I would say how sad the locals feels about his loss but how we hope he has found a safe new home somewhere.

As we pass through the gates, we would enter the market which will be busy today as the market is on. We would stroll around the stalls examining the fresh vegetables and fruits, a multitude of cakes, plants and herbs, we may sample some of the local produce including fudges or try on some silver jewellery. We might find some fabulous warm mittens for the winter months.

By now it is time for tea and cake, or hot chocolate or ginger lattes and cake. Did someone say cake? Anyway we would stop in my favourite cafe and chat to the friendly staff. If the guys are working we could talk about their moustaches, growing for ''Movember''. They are all looking pretty suave. We might joke that the girls could wear falsies. I would recommend the Sicilian lemon cheesecake and soups for lunch. While sit, we would talk about the months past and what we have been doing. I might tell you about my new course in computing and also administration. I would tell you how exciting it is to use my brain again.

It's getting on so we'll start to stroll back past the cathedral and we will stop here for a few minutes to pay our respects. This monument is to Harry Patch known as ''The last Fighting Tommy''. I might recount how he was a huge figure in Wells and that when he died, the streets were lined with people to pay their respects to his passing.

We would walk past the sides of the cathedral and the school music buildings which always bring to mind Harry Potter.

We might look back at the cathedral green and see the sun dipping behind the roofs.

We would poke our heads around the corner in Vicar's Close and see the old houses and cobbles often used in films and TV series. As we walk up the hill, we would chat about what we have planned over the next few weeks to Christmas and perhaps share out gift ideas and scrapbooking acitivities.

 As we come back home, we would put the ketle on for a warming mug of tea and have our final chat until it is time for you to go home. I would wish you a safe journey and plan to see you again next month when we will share another cup of tea and perhaps next time Christmas cake.


  1. what a great visit, thanks Jo. I'm really struck by your comment you get so happy taking photos you forget how sensible you should be - sounds like a fantastic tag line for a memory keeper

  2. Aw, I meant to watch that Cathedral programme. I must see if I can find it. I didn't realise Harry Patch was from Wells. Your walk is a beautiful one - looks like we caught the light at the right time of day for it!

  3. How lucky you are to have such beautiful walks so close by.
    What a lovely visit this has been, see you next month!

  4. Oh I just loved that walk. I was following you every step of the way. Wells is such a beautiful city. Thank you for joining me this month Jo!

  5. what a wonderful walk! Thankyou for showing me how beautiful Wells is xx

  6. Thank you so much for the beautiful stroll Jo! The photos are gorgeous. Tea and cheesecake sounds delicious! Thanks for the catch up. x


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