Tuesday 26 November 2013

Journal your Christmas 2013 x

So today Shimelle Laine has announced the new JYC 2013 class. I have completed this class for about 6 years now I think and it is always brilliant. The cost is £22.00 this year which you may go ''Ooh not got enough money'' but that is £22.00 this year and NEVER again but you take part for FREE every year. So if you JYC every year for the rest of your life that'll cost you pence.

I won't give you more details here as Shimelle has completed a post with everything you need to know and thensome HERE. Here are some images from my previous Christmases to give you an idea of some of the things we journal about...........

reindeer parades, Mum's selling mulled wine in antlers, Christmas lights and Santa  

Christmas trees and ornaments.

Do come join us from 1st December until 6th January 2014 it is always fun and Christmassy and if you'd like to know what my journal looks like for this year there might be a post over on Kristin's Holiday Extravaganza to wet your appetite this Saturday.


  1. Oh, it does look tempting. But I'm taking another route this year. Maybe next year though, and every year thereafter?

  2. I loved every year that I have done JYC. I'm planning a December Daily this year.

  3. Love this Jo! This will be my third year participating in JYC and I cannot wait :D See you in class! x


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