Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Book challenge 2014 ~ January x

So here I am with my monthly rundown of some of the books I've been reading this month. I have set myself a challenge to read 60 this year and so far we are onto number 11. I mean wow.

The main author I have read this month is Mo Hayder. My friend Luke recommended her crime thrillers when he came down to visit although he was reading her latest book Poppet, which is number 6 in the series. So me being me began at book 1 and was instantly hooked.

This series follows the criminal investigations of Jack Caffery, a detective in London, who begins investigating the mysterious deaths of women in and around Greenwich. The series moves with him through each story and his move from London to Bristol. What I really like about the novels is that Jack is a flawed character, he has lived through personal tragedy in his life and this is what has made him the man he is. He is not exactly the clean-cut copper but neither is he without redemptive potential. Each story is self-contained, but some elements and characters continue through the series.

The three most recent books are set in and around Bristol which for me is like reading heaven because Jack lives in Priddy, just up the road from me, some of the action takes place in Knowle where I used to work and muchof the story involves many of the places and sights I know and love from living here. The stories are no holds barred terror at times and not for the squeamish, however if you love a great crime story I would highly recommend this series and Mo Hayder's work. The stories address suicide, murder, abduction, witchcraft and serial murder.

The second novel The Treatment has recently been made into a film in Europe and I do hope it gets a UK release as the novel is certainly though provoking and made me angry, elated, confused and even cry at the end.

I have also been reading this book which is a part of the therapy I am having for my mental health.

I have never been one for meditation per se, however I have been told very positive things about this process and so I will see how I get on.

I am also reading two rather useful books, ''Excel 2007 for dummies'' because I thought I might need a lot of help with this part of the ECDL class I am taking, and I was so right,

and ''Blog design for dummies'' which was on my Christmas list and is very helpful in making me much more aware of how I can continue to improve the appearance and workings of my blog, which I really want to have as I am completely self-taught on much of the computer and Internet skills I possess.

So what books have you been reading this month, I'd love to know?

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  1. That's a wide variety, Jo! and hope the Mindfulness book is helpful to you. I am reading The Everyday Work of Art (always easier to read about it than get down to doing any!).


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