Wednesday 29 January 2014

My amazing friend Lucy x

Just a quick post today in support of my incredibly brave, tenacious and beautiful friend Lucy. If you have ever wondered what, why and how someone develops, lives with and moves forward through their battle with an Eating disorder then please read her story by following this link to her fund raising page where she shares her own story of living with this disorder.

beat is the organisation Lucy is fund raising on behalf of . They provide support, education and research into eating disorders and hold their annual Eating Disorders Awareness week between February 24th and 2nd March this year. You can read more about their plans here.

I am not asking anyone to give funds, however I want to share Lucy's story with my blog friends to raise awareness of Eating disorders in general and the struggles that other people with different mental health issues face. I hope this will help just one parent, sister, brother, husband, wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, teacher, colleague, friend or fellow sufferer to gain the love and support they need to get into their own recovery. Eating disorders do not affect just girls alone but both genders, and figures for this disorder are rising in boys and men.

I do hope that perhaps this will raise our own understanding of this disorder and I know it will help me to be a better and more supportive friend, to my friend Lucy.

Thank you so much for your time and I'll be doing something supportive during the week in her honour x

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