Tuesday 25 February 2014

Golden wedding anniversary crafting - Table vases x

So as you know it is my parent's Golden wedding anniversary in less than 2 weeks now and I have been trying to help keep costs low by making some crafty items for the party. This activity involves poshing up some plain glass vases.

So I bought these vases from The Range. They came as a pack of three designs and cost £3.95. Originally had twine tied at their necks but I wanted them to be more beautiful so this is what I did.

First of all remove the twine and other packaging and set aside. As my mum's bridesmaid's dresses were peach and the anniversary is gold, I chose those two colours as my palette and bought the following items:

3 metres of 1/4 inch peach ribbon
3 metres of 1/4 inch gold ribbon
1 reel of gold coloured jewellery wire
6 gold heart shaped beads
2 packets of small gold beads
20 small peach coloured, heart shaped buttons.

I cut lengths of jewellery wire, bent it in the middle and threaded it through the large heart bead and some small gold beads. I then opened out the two ends of wire and threaded the small gold beads and peach buttons randomly until I had enough to cover the wire.

I wrapped the wire around the neck of the vase and wound the ends together and cut off the excess. I then tied two colours of ribbon in a knot as the top of the vase. And here are the finished vases.

The next task involves a large bag of stones!


  1. So pretty! How exciting to be planning for such a momentous occasion! Congratulations to your parents, Jo. I'll look forward to seeing more of your party prep. :o)

  2. Those vases are beautiful! The hearts are a perfect touch.

  3. These look so beautiful! Well done on a great job! What a wonderful occasion and celebration - congratulations to your parents :)

  4. What a transformation! The gold and soft peach is lovely together. I hope you all enjoy the celebration - a wonderful achievement.

  5. Glass vases look so beautiful after you have design them using small and tiny things.And congratulation to both of them for special day in there life.


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