Sunday, 16 February 2014

OLW 2014 ~ make your word visible x

Hello and welcome to another One Little Word post. Today I am going to tell you about one of the crafting activities I completed for this project.

During January, Ali asked us all to consider how our word was already visible in our lives. Although, I felt I was definitely ''Rebuilding'' I wanted to make something artistic to remind me of my word whenever I saw it. I was inspired by a chat with my friend Ronnie when he described going to a local artisan shop in Los Angeles and showed some pictures of painted stones he saw there. The light bulb in my brain went on and so I made a painted pebble project.

I already had a pebble I had collected from the beach a while ago so I washed and dried it and then painted it with two layers of Gesso, which is a canvas primer. I thought it would help adhere the paint to the stone.

Next I chose a bright pink paint which I lightened with some white and painted my stone completely in that colour and left it to dry.

While this was going on I found a font I liked on Word and typed out my word ''Rebuild'' until I was happy with it and printed it onto paper. I carefully copied the writing onto my stone in pencil and then drew a flower and butterfly just because I love them to give the stone a bit more interest.

I painted the lettering in black with a very fine brush and then the flower and butterfly in different colours and left to dry.

Once the whole painting was dry, I drew around the shapes with a black Sharpie to neaten them and make them standout.

And here is my finished stone all ready for me to see everyday.

How are you making your word visible?


  1. What a lovely idea Jo. A great way to keep your word close at all times. Will you be making more to have in several places?

    1. I have another crafty make planned which I will post once complete for another room x

  2. What a wonderfully visible reminder it is, Jo :). I couldn't work out its size - are you able to tuck it into your pocket and carry it with you, or does it sit out somewhere?

    1. It fits in the palm of my hand so it will sit on my shelf x

  3. I love your painted stone. I wrote my word on a stone one year myself, but I just used a sharpie.


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