Sunday 2 February 2014

My month in numbers ~ January x

I belated welcome to my monthly numerical roundup in association with Julie Kirk.

I mean is it seriously February already? Where did January go?

So here is the communal count Julie suggested this month

a. This one was a toughy because I wasn't quite sure how to address it. Anyway:

  • I tried to develop a new filing system for my bills because I am dreadful at doing such organisational tasks,
  • I have tried 5 of new authors,
  • I managed to get my old iphone to work and rest and uploaded 6 new apps to use for Porject Life,

b. For me the price of bread depends very much on my tastes and coinage available. I do like fancy bread like home cooked bakers loaves and seeded wholemeal loaves on occasion but when the need is greatest then cheap and cheerful own brand bread has to cut it. So the price can vary anything from 47 pence to £1.67.  I do tend to but in the reduced to clear items as well so I think I once got one for 20 pence! What a skinflint I am!

So now onto my own choices to share.

As you know I do spend alot of time at the Doctors and this month was no different.

1 face-to-face appointment with my GP plus 2 telephone conversations

2 trips to the hospital, one for the pre-operative assessment and one for the actual event.

2 blood tests but this required me to be stabbed 5 times as my veins are just rubbish. I also had one Venflon inserted, but 2 attempts to site it (it's shoptalk for a drip).

Total hours in hospital for my procedure 4 which was a bit of a shock as they'd told me I'd have to stay in overnight. I walked down to theatre at 8.30am, watched the sunrise as I went to sleep and was in the ''ward'' having a cup of tea and some biscuits by 10.20am and in the car to my sisters at 11.50am. You can tell I'm a Project Lifer by the accuracy can't you?

In crafting activities I made 20 Golden wedding invites for my parents which I have shared previously and everyone really likes. I am now tasked with making an album ready for the day of the all the little intimate photographs taken on their wedding day. My mum wants it to be peach but can I find any peach themes papers? Not on your Nelly. We may have to rethink that one.

Number of exams I have passed 1, I completed the Powerpoint module. Number of times I have pulled my hair out trying to get my head around the Excel functions 20 million, that is my go to number for everything I'm afraid and it certainly feels like it!

Number of Project Life layouts I have completed 4!!!!! Yes I know you haven't seen them yet but I am still playing around a bit. I have made them all digitally this month as it worked better for me and I am so pleased with how they look so far.

I have also had 3 lovely presents from people. My sister and her partner sent me some beautiful flowers and Ronnie, my friend in LA, sent me my Friend Movement mug. I also received rather an interesting parcel the other day. I had not ordered anything and had absolutely no idea who it was from until I opened the box.
This is what was inside.................

On reading the card I found it was all from my lovely blogfriend Lizzie who is at once both very lovely but also very naughty. She knows my love for the owl and the mug will be used and the tin contains 3 smaller tins so I will be very happy to put all my lovely gifts to good use.

Number of books read in January 12 and a lovely lot of books they were too. I have already read one book this month so we're doing ok so far on the reading challenge.

Number of TV programmes we said goodbye to 1 being Sherlock which at only 3 episodes is far too short. However there are some lovely new things to watch too.

1 lovely programme about midwives in the East End, one lovely programme about gay men in San Francisco, 1 scary Scandinavian thriller I am still on catchup with, so far I've watched 3 and there are 10 in total. Number of annoying Antique type shows my parents make me watch when I go to lunch 20,000,000 see my go to word came out again!

 Number of things I'm looking forward to  =  far too many to count but at present the main one is going to Sheffield to see Luke and The Feeling next month.

Phew time to back away from the numbers methinks and wish you all a happy Sunday.


  1. I hope things have been going well following your hospital visit + I hope it was nice to get home earlier than expected.

    And isn't it lovely when you receive unexpected gifts in the post? What good friends you've got!

    Oh and I agree, Sherlock is too short! I've been watching them all again and then watching the repeats of Season 2 too. I'm beginning to recognise the script line by line now!

    Thanks for joining me with your statistics Jo - you're on the board now:

    Happy February to you and yours.

    Julie :-)

  2. What an interesting and slightly scary list - I'm not just thinking hospitals here but shows about antiques! You have done well to plough through the difficult bits and deserved to enjoy all the nice things both past and still to come. Here's to February :).


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