Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Two on Tuesday x

Wow another week gone and it's Two on Tuesday.

So I hope you've all recovered from the brilliant weekend of Focusing on your crafting with Jennifer Grace. I have to say she truly outdid herself with the crafting this time, I was super impressed. I popped over to most of the posts but I have chosen just one to focus on today as it is something anyone can do and it has such an impact. Make an inspiration wall...........................

I chose this because it is such a simple idea but really, really effective. You can do it absolutely anywhere really. Jennifer used a door and we almost all have a spare one of those, but you could use a wall, pinboard, a canvas, a big frame and lots of other ideas to focus you.
I know I have quite a few bits that are in my craft room hidden away which I could get out and produce a focused area all of my own and it looked really simple. If you go to Jennifer's blog, there is a process video to watch too so you can get an idea of how she put the whole wall together.

If you'd like further inspiration then there are tons of great links on Pinterest of course. I found these 2 ideas for renters like myself.....................

 photo from here
In the picture above, washi tape has been used to both frame and also hang pictures on the wall. The beauty of washi tape is it doesn't affect the paintwork so you shouldn't have any problems with your landlord when you move out. All you have to do is alter the washi tape when you want to refresh you inspiration wall.

photo from here
Here is another excellent idea using an old shutter, or a louvred door. I've seen these used on DIY shows for magazine holders, records and books and you can just take this with you when you move and respray it different colours to suite your mood.

And on a personal note, Mandy from A Teacup of Scrapisms sent me a lovely comment based on my bloghop post which you can read here. She was so inspired by my journal and ideas that she's begun one of her own. Thank you so much Mandy, blogfriends are brilliant.

My second offering today is your own personal Sheldon Cooper amigurami doll. I LOVE The Big Bang Theory, it is by far the best comedy programme I watch and I would love to have my own Sheldon to sing me soft kitty when I'm ill.

If you can't afford your own Sheldon, I'm sure he's way out of my price range, then why not crochet one. A(mi]dorable Crochet has the perfect pocket sized pattern for you here.

Furthermore, Jackie has patterns for most of the Big Bang gang. Here's Amy............

and if that wasn't enough Jackie gave the real Sheldon his own version which he shared on US TV. Go Jackie.
You need to go to about 2.30 minutes in for that part......................

Have a happy Tuesday x


  1. Hahaha - laughing hard at the Elf & the Sheldon Doll! It did look great though and Jackie got her doll on tv!
    I may have to try those patterns, Jo... (oh dear, will I ever find time?!)
    To return to your first thing though, I do have an Inspiration Wall in my studio. It's a bit fluid and just now there are some holes, where I took a few items down and put them away, but I haven't got round to putting up anything new. It's not that I'm short of options - but the Inspiring Things I buy tend to collect in little piles, leaning against the wall at the back of my desk and plan chest. I will get organised some time soon - and maybe I'll even pretty them up with washi tape!
    Good post!

    1. Thank you Lizzie and yes that elf is scarey x


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