Monday 15 June 2015

Me on Monday x

This weekend I was exhausted and just a little bit sickly :(

I am currently working 2 days a week at Citizen's Advice Bureau, I go to Group therapy one morning and do stuff for dad in the afternoon and the other two days I'm working hard in college. Pooped is the word of the weekend. Just pooped.

I have basically done some blogposts ready, eaten, watched Miss Marple and not alot else. Oh yes and I am currently babysitting the Mother whilst the Father is away. Mind you that does mean I get tea cooked for me instead of coming home and doing it myself so yay for that. She's promised me "Things your father won't eat". The mind boggles.

Hope you've had a fun weekend.


  1. Haha! That's brilliant. I can relate..when the boys are away the girls here eat interesting things they like, with cannellini beans..

    I hope you did get a bit of a rest over the weekend and are all ready for the new week..

  2. Hello! Haven't been here for ages (sorry, it's nothing personal, I haven't been to many blogs at all for ages!).
    "Babysitting the Mother" made me smile. I hope you both have some fun and don't get up to (much) mischief!
    Sorry you're feeling so tired. You sound as if your time is stretched rather thin just now... could something be temporarily stopped, to give you a break? XX


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